‘Why “Trump is Winning” is No Mystery’ (2015)

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President *Batteries Not Included and Speaker John “Crybaby” Boehner–working together to screw America

So there I was in 2015, predicting Donald Trump would win the Republican primary. A political science degree might not be much use, but at least I’m a very good political scientist, if I do say so myself.

Why ‘Trump is Winning’ is No Mystery

And this was several years before Trump’s actual election made it glaringly obvious that Washington, D.C., Republicans and Democrats together, is just one big happy family up on Capitol Hill, sucking our blood and picking our pockets. This is why Establishment Republicans are always content to be No. 2 in a two-party system. And that’s how we wound up with ruptured borders, Obamacare, same-sex pseudomarriage, and all the rest of the D.C. fun pack.

Donald Trump has pulled off the tarpaulin and exposed the toxic tar pool underneath.

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  1. Great prognosticating job for the 2016 election. I was all in for Trump after he came down the escalator. Now that he has proven to be even better than I imagined, I am all in for him in 2020. If his supporters can win the House and keep the Senate we may finally get immigration reform, and I hope a program for bringing down federal spending and the national debt.

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