Do They Even Know What a President Is?

So Kamala Harris, whose qualifications for the job are, well, nothing, has suspended her quest for the Democrat presidential nomination. Never mind that she was polling a red-hot 2 percent. Never mind that she’d already spent about 130 percent of her campaign budget.

Heck, no. The real reason she’s had to drop out was… [trumpet fanfare, drum roll, etc.]… Racism and Sexism! An “activist” says so, so it must be true (

Yep. According to Leah Greenberg, a self-proclaimed poobah of #theResistance–translation: a non-entity–it would be “catastrophic” for the Party to have an “all-white male” debate, never mind that Corey “Spartacus” Booker and that doofus Castro will still be there: but never mind. “The implicit racism and sexism of ‘electability’ is deeply damaging to democracy,” she babbles.

I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be infinitely more damaging to just about everything, if Kamala actually became our president?

But for a leftid worm-brain, the only thing that matters is the externals. Character counts for nothing. Ability counts for nothing. Fitness for the office counts for nothing. You want to give somebody the authority to sign or veto legislation, to launch missiles, to negotiate with foreign leaders, to be the leader in shaping public policy–you do? Okay! Just remember that the main considerations are that person’s sex (nyah, nyah, I won’t say “gender”!) and skin pigmentation. She can be a psychotic evil numbskull, but as long as she’s a Woman Of Color, that’s all us activists are interested in.

I can’t imagine what a liberal thinks the president is. Or ought to be. But surely the very last items on the list should be sex and color. Those characteristics are entirely irrelevant.

“I don’t care who does my heart surgery–it just has to be a Woman Of Color! it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know how! The only thing that matters is Justice! Social Justice!”

Whenever a lib speaks the word “justice,” you know he’s just snuck the dried pea out from under the walnut shell. Now there’s nothing under any of the shells. That’s leftism. In a nutshell, as it were.

13 comments on “Do They Even Know What a President Is?

  1. Considering how powerful the Deep State has become, the President really doesn’t have to know how to do anything except whatever the Deep State tells him or her to do — unless, of course, the President happens to be Donald Trump, who has a mind of his own (or maybe I should just say, “who has a mind,” period). And even he’s had some trouble fighting past the Deep State to get the things done that we elected him to do.

    1. I think President Eisenhower was the first to complain about that. The difference between a general and a president, he used to say, is that a general has a reasonable expectation that his orders will be obeyed.

  2. They haven’t got a clue. Democrats are so full of themselves they believe they can define anything any way they want as long as they agree w/each other. They’re turning America into their own little hell and calling it heaven. So no, they haven’t got a clue. And that’s not all they’re missing. And they just don’t care…

  3. The Dems cannot win the White House without the blacks voting for them at about 93%. At the next Dems President Debate none of the blacks will be featured because of the DNC’s rules. The Left is not only crazy, they are deaf, dumb, and blind. It doesn’t look like Bloomberg’s millions are going to be able to enable the Dems to win the House in 2020 like they did in 2018.

    1. I’m not worried about the democrats ‘winning’ 2020 because they can’t. I’m worried about them stealing it and getting away with it.

    1. Like I said, they have no idea what a president is. They have no understanding (well, they’re liberals). They know nothing of history, nothing of how the world works–not much of bloody anything. And just about all of what they think they know is wrong.

    2. I just read a book about Truman and his role in the founding of modern Israel. He was a man of character and depth. He had a good knowledge of the Bible and a fine moral compass. He was a true gentleman.

      I’d wager that the vast majority of the under 50 crowd wouldn’t even know when he was president, which war ended while he was president or who the participants of that war were. I was fairly indifferent to history in my school days, but the younger generations are all but completely ignorant of it.

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