‘Judge Not…’ (2013)

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Don’t you just love it when liberals who don’t believe a single word of the Bible is true, try to win an argument by citing the Bible as their authority?

‘Judge Not…’

They tell us that there is no God, and mock us and despise us for believing in Him, and at the same time tell us we should do what they say that God says–which they have, as is their invariable custom, snapped as the twig of a single verse off the tree of meaning.

We have permitted much harm to be done to our culture by listening to them.

2 comments on “‘Judge Not…’ (2013)

  1. Our Lord clearly told us to “judge with righteous judgement…:” and to love what God loves, hate what God hates. Of course, these heathen will use any means whatever to put us down, intimidate us and force us to accept their aberrant lifestyles in silence. I will not do it. I give it to them straight. If they don’t like it, tough.
    I sometimes get a kick out of asking where did you get that idea, eh? Not in your history book, not in your English lesson, or science book, so where?

  2. You see this a lot of late: “Hey, no judgment here,” when some sinner is being confronted about something he may be guilty of. We are not to judge in that God has already judged everything by His most holy and spiritual Law that was given to us by His grace for our good and happiness. Jesus commanded we judge all things according to righteous judgment. God’s Law protects us from thieves and murderers – isn’t that a good thing?

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