‘Judge Not…’ (2013)

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How much harm has done by clipping two little words out of Matthew 7:1 and using them to overthrow the entire teaching of the Bible?

‘Judge Not…’

Really–does “Judge not” mean we’re to make no distinction between good and evil? Well, yeah, that’s what Real Smart People say. These are the only two words in the Bible that they’ve ever taken seriously.

And somehow it always turns out secular-statist-leftist-perverted stuff good, Christian stuff bad. Quick! Find an Obama judge to snuff it out!

(But that would be, uh… “judging”… wouldn’t it?)

‘Judge Not…’ (2013)

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Don’t you just love it when liberals who don’t believe a single word of the Bible is true, try to win an argument by citing the Bible as their authority?

‘Judge Not…’

They tell us that there is no God, and mock us and despise us for believing in Him, and at the same time tell us we should do what they say that God says–which they have, as is their invariable custom, snapped as the twig of a single verse off the tree of meaning.

We have permitted much harm to be done to our culture by listening to them.

‘Planet Fitness: an Integrity-Free Zone’ (2015)

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Some Planet Fitness “women”

If you missed this the first time around, it bears re-posting: the rich and riotous display of hypocrisy put on by Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness: an Integrity-Free Zone

Nobody, but nobody, is more “judgmental” that those Far Left Crazies who demand that we be “non-judgmental.” Just like the way they out-hate any “haters” ever born.

For the record, and because truth matters: we don’t have to judge a lot of these things because God has already judged them and condemned them, and made His judgment known to us.

Have you noticed that everything that libs are for is bad?

‘Judge Not’ (2013)

If would be a better world if Christians stopped trying to win its approval.