‘My Books Are Doing Better than These’ (2013)

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Well, at least my book sales aren’t any worse than they were in 2013. I’m sure being my own advertiser is seriously holding them back.

My Books Are Doing Better Than These

It’s not that I’m afraid to go up against The Last Bachelorette Book of Days or I Am Too a Genious! by Barack “57 states” Obama. It’s just embarrassing, that’s all.


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  1. I received Bell Mountain the other day. I’m giving it to my son for Christmas, but first I want to read it myself! Ha ha! I have two books to go before completing my Goodreads challenge. I’ll be sure to leave a good review, as I am already certain it deserves one. 😁

  2. It would be tough, however, to go up against “The Collected Works of Joe Collidge.” Come to think of it, maybe you really could collect his posts into an anthology and market it to a (conservative) publisher as satire. I’m kinda sorta half serious about this. I’d gladly buy a copy or two myself.

    1. I’d be afraid, if I were to create a whole book of Joe Collidge essays, that I might reduce myself to gibbering nincompoopery.

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