‘UK Bank Won’t Let Customers Withdraw Their Money’ (2014)

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We mustn’t think America’s the only country with a Deep State whose interests may diverge radically from the people’s.

Remember this from five years ago? They wouldn’t let you take “large sums” of your own money out of the bank unless you could convince them it was for a “good reason.”

UK Bank Won’t Let Customers Withdraw Their Money

You’ve got to understand how deep statists think. In their minds, nothing you own is yours; everything ultimately belongs to the government. Including your labor and your flesh and blood.

Democrat campaign slogan from a few years ago: “The government’s the only thing we call belong to.”

They need taking down a peg.

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    1. Here in America, most banks get obstructive when you want to withdraw $100,000 a more–because, they say, they suspect a con man’s been at you. I’m sure that’s true, occasionally. We haven’t caught up to Euro-statism in that respect.

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