Carols Galore!

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here–and if you want to listen to a bunch of really beautiful Christmas music, hop on over to Lee’s “Playground Player Chessforum” on . Our friends OhioChessFan, Jessicafischerqueen, Count Wedgemore (from Norway, with a Swedish carol for us), and Diceman have loaded it up with Christmas carols today. Just click “chessforums” at the bottom of the page, then scroll down until you find the little green dinosaur and “Playground Player,” and click that. Let us know if you have any trouble connecting to it, although I don’t think you will.

Oh! And please let us know if you go crazy or something because of too much Christmas music, which Science says is bad for you–nyah-nyah to that!

We’d post ’em here, only suddenly it’s an embarrassment of riches, dontcha know–nowhere to put ’em all. But if enough of you ask for it, I’ll try. Maybe one a day. That’d work.

It’s going to be a merry Christmas, everybody!

P.S.–Come to think of it, I think I will post them here over the next few days. Just in case you can’t get there.

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