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‘O Holy Night’ (John Berry)

I think this is my friend OhioChessFan’s favorite Christmas hymn–O Holy Night, sung by John Berry. He posted it on my chess page yesterday, and I want to share it with you here.

If you want to listen to the other hymns posted there yesterday, before I can bring them all here, visit http://www.chessgames.com/ , scroll down and click “Chessforums,” scroll until you find the little green dinosaur and “playground player” (that’s me), and click it. They’re all still there.

Carols Galore!

Image result for images of quokka jumping

G’day! Byron the Quokka here–and if you want to listen to a bunch of really beautiful Christmas music, hop on over to Lee’s “Playground Player Chessforum” on http://www.chessgames.com/ . Our friends OhioChessFan, Jessicafischerqueen, Count Wedgemore (from Norway, with a Swedish carol for us), and Diceman have loaded it up with Christmas carols today. Just click “chessforums” at the bottom of the page, then scroll down until you find the little green dinosaur and “Playground Player,” and click that. Let us know if you have any trouble connecting to it, although I don’t think you will.

Oh! And please let us know if you go crazy or something because of too much Christmas music, which Science says is bad for you–nyah-nyah to that!

We’d post ’em here, only suddenly it’s an embarrassment of riches, dontcha know–nowhere to put ’em all. But if enough of you ask for it, I’ll try. Maybe one a day. That’d work.

It’s going to be a merry Christmas, everybody!

P.S.–Come to think of it, I think I will post them here over the next few days. Just in case you can’t get there.

From My Chess Page: Jess on a Roll

See the source image

I can hardly believe I’ve remembered how to do this!

This is from my “Playground Player Chessforum” on http://www.chessgames.com, by my friend “jessicafischerqueen.” She lives in Canada and keeps me up to date in developments there.

It seems the Canadian fake nooze media are fully in cahoots with our American fake nooze media, to bring down President Trump and replace him with some Far Left Crazy Democrat who thinks Venezuela is a really groovy place and wouldn’t it be nice for America to be like that, too.

The good news, as reported by Jess, is that regular people in Canada aren’t buying any of this made-up slop.

The bad news is that they’re afraid to stand up in public, lest they be cut down by Canada’s neo-Stalinist “human rights” establishment. I’m tellin’ ya, wherever you see that term, “human rights,” expect anything but.

Jess is convinced a major pushback is coming in both our countries: I pray she’s right.

It will take a long time to undo the harm liberals have done to the United States and Canada. But before we can undo it, we have to defeat Far Left Crazy. Forever.

<Lee> I’m going to repeat my call for optimism, and repeat my point that the greater the neo-Stalinist crazy, the greater the chance of voter push back from the silent majority.Voting is still secret in the USA and Canada, so you don’t need to worry about being shamed off the internet or losing your job due to neo-Stalinist public witch hunting.

Why do I say this? Because the more outrageous the fake news, and <Yahoo (progessive media platform) News> is pumping out fake news by the minute, the greater the pushback.

Yahoo news headline today: https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/h…

<Trump to Push Canada into Recession within 12 Months>


And when you click on that “headline” you see that in the *actual* (?) news *story* (?) they have walked back that obviously baseless and idiotic claim to

<How Trump could push Canada into a recession within 12 months>

hmmm… clumsy Orwellian doublespeak, and this has not gone unnoticed in the “reactions by readers” section below the “news” story.

The comments here are very close to 100% reacting against this claim in particular, and reacting against Yahoo “news” practices in general.

The majority of sane people are not fooled by any of this shameless “progressive” propaganda.

But the majority of sane people are scared, and they should be. Nobody wants to lose their job in a public witch hunt levied against them by the neo-Stalinists. That is how they cow the populace.

In fora where people remain anonymous, however, such as internet chat accounts or voting booths, the not quite yet silenced majority may speak freely- at least for the time being- without fear of reprisal.

They may “speak” by electing government candidates and school board trustees who reflect their *actual* views.

People have not gone insane. They are simply afraid of Stalinism.

Look at the history of US presidential elections. How often is a sitting president voted out after one term? How often is a sitting president with a “voter approval rate” of at least 45% voted out? How often is a sitting president voted out when there is a robust economy with record breaking levels of employment?

‘Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing’

“Ohio Chess Fan” posted this hymn on my “Playground Player” page at http://www.chessgames.com yesterday–Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, sung by Eclipse 6. He also has a pretty good Bible study to go with it, if you want to visit Page 623 of my forum.

You’re Not Safe at the Airport, Either

Image result for images of dog pooping on airport concourse

If you look closely at the space between this woman’s feet, you’ll see what her dog left for their fellow passengers on the floor of the concourse at the airport in Denver.

Our esteemed colleague at chessgames.com, “WannaBe,” has posted the now-famous video of the incident (https://www.denverpost.com/2018/06/29/youtube-dog-pooped-at-denver-international-airport/).  No, she did not clean it up: in fact, she resented the mere mention of the problem. Nor did anyone do as my wife suggested, and rub the woman’s nose in it.

Suddenly the whole taboo against defecating in a public place has gone the way of many other of our social taboos. Liberalism at work.

Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back.

Let’s Go Sasquatch-Hunting!

(Posted on my Playground Player chess page by our esteemed colleague, “jessicafischerqueen”)

There are times when you’ve just had enough; and then you either go to sea, or go out west to hunt for Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot. Anyone can go to sea; but whoever comes back with incontrovertible proof of Bigfoot–say, a live one in a cage–will be rich and famous forever.

Listen! You can hear undeniable Sasquatch screams in the background.

Unless that’s me, interacting with my computer.

Chess Knights Smite a Dragon

Image result for images of chess knights

I was appalled to encounter someone who actually believes “transgender” is just fine and subjecting young children to “The Drag Queen Story Hour” does no harm at all. This appeared as a long post on pg. 603 (today’s page) of my Playground Player forum at http://www.chessgames.com/ . I won’t attempt to reproduce it here. If you want to read it, please visit the forum.

I wasn’t looking forward to trying to answer such a preposterous and morally vacuous argument, but when I logged in today to attempt it, I found that several of my esteemed colleagues at Chessgames had already done the job–big-time. I find it hard to say how happy that made me!

We must not let these people murder our culture. We must not be silent when God’s Word, which is the truth, is despised. Not that He needs our help: but we are His servants, and we must do our best to serve Him.

There does seem to be a bit more pushback now than there was two or three years ago. May God give us the strength and the wit to push back even harder: in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Another Gem from Jess

Here’s another one from my chess buddy and good friend, “jessicafischerqueen.” She’s been on a roll lately. Let ’em have it, Jess!

Necessary conditions to call yourself a democracy:

1. You actually need a real country, with borders and a government

2. Constitutionally protected free speech

3. The rule of law

The Social Justice Warrior Stalinist movement is violently opposed to all three. They don’t even try to hide it.

A Learning Experience

Image result for images of surprise

A couple of my chess buddies are trying to teach me how to do this. Can they succeed, where several generations of intelligent, good-hearted persons have failed?

Well, let’s see… If this works, one of jessicafischerqueen’s fire-eating comments should appear in the space below. Fingers crossed.


I think you should provide the source link for your analysis.

On the same topic as above, if you look on the link I just posted, there are only three comments, but all three are strongly against the idea of taking down the portraits of white men.

I tell you the silent majority will show up at the ballot box and in numbers. This Stalinist cultural revolution will destroy itself before it destroys western civilization.

You heard it here first- these outrages will increase in idiocy and violence leading up to the next presidential election, and the Republicans will win in a landslide.

Ironically, if the Stalinists wish comes true and they succeed in deleting western history, then future white men can begin claiming that black gay transgender crippled retarded Islamic women enslaved the Whites. “Just look at all those black gay transgender crippled retarded Islamic women portraits and statues!” they will cry.

“I tell you it was just terrible…”

This is one of the dangers of attempting to obliterate history- you may get caught up in the obliteration.

All totalitarian political movements attempted to, and continue to attempt to, erase history.

“Year zero” is their eternal goal.

This is true of <Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Enver Hoxa, Fidel Castro, ISIS, and the boneheads in charge of the lesbian gay trans idiot white-hating anti-Christian pro-Islamic coloured disabled and transdisabled who get elective surgery to disable themselves because they identify as cripples movement.>

If Egypt were in the United States, these morons would be hysterically demanding that the pyramids should be destroyed because the work force involved slaves.

I wonder how long it will be before students begin claiming that they “self-identify” as stupid? This way they can avoid taking responsibility for their terrible marks in Collidge.

“I should still get this great job even though my marks suck, because I self-identify as stupid.”

Young people who are too lazy to do even that much can self-identify as Kangaroo Rats and live in peoples’ homes as pets.


Holy moly! It worked! And I had better go lie down.

Our Friend Jess Kicks Butt


If this link works, and actually gets you to page 593 of my chess forum, you’ll be able to read fiery comments by our esteemed colleague “jessicafischerqueen.”

If it doesn’t work–aah, fanabla.

Well, that still doesn’t work. All I can tell you at this point is that if you want to read it, you have to go to page 604, not 593. I have no idea how to manage this.

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