‘The Biblical Doctrine of Government’ (2000)

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R.J. Rushdoony published this important essay in Chalcedon’s magazine, in 2000.


“Government” is not synonymous with the state. The state is only one of many spheres of government. Included as separate and equally important spheres are the self, the family, the church, and the school.

Modern statists try to devour or corrupt all the various spheres of “government” so that nothing remains between the individual and the state. In our time we have seen them encroach deeply on individual liberty, undermine the family, hamper the church, and turn the schools into Far Left indoctrination mills. Rushdoony spent much of his time and effort warning us of this–and current history starkly demonstrates how right he was.

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  1. Quite an essay. People sometimes forget that government and the state are not absolutely equal to one another. They forget that some of the greatest advances have come when people stood up to the state and established limits. The story of the Puritans is worth studying, for this very reason. This situation played out for many years, culminating in a new nation being formed with freedoms being written into the constitution. We need this to survive.

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