‘”Equality Forever”‘ (2015)

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Somehow it always sticks in my craw to see a lot of posh liberals at a $10,000-a-plate political dinner, who got there in private jets and limousines, gassing about “income inequality” and the need for action by government–meaning their precious selves–to make everybody “equal.”

‘Equality Forever’

Yo–Nancy, John, Hillary, Bernie, and all the rest of you cheapskates! When is one of you gonna treat me to a house, or a new car? Hmmm…. oh, yeah: never. They’re wizards at doling out other people’s money, minus the great big gobs of it that sticks to their fingers. Sharing there own, not so much. Correction: not at all.

But in Congress and in our looniversities, having disastrously asinine ideas just makes you one o’ the boys.

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  1. They pay for the laws that make them rich. They pay the people who make those laws that make them rich. Now they want us to pay each other’s salaries so they no longer have to. They no longer pay insurance and they’ve always hated wages. Equality…turkeys for taxes, for all and forever…

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