Leftids Sabotage Salvation Army Vans

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Won’t be giving any hope until they fix the gas tank.

Well, someone in Kansas City kept the Salvation Army from delivering food and toys to needy families this Christmas–they punctured the gas tanks of the Salvation Army’s vans (https://conservativechoicecampaign.com/war-on-christians-and-god/).

Let’s see… what glorious, virtue-signalling cause was this in aid of? What necessary end of Social Justice was served by preventing alms from being delivered to the poor?

No one has been arrested, no one has been charged. Ordinary thieves would have at least stolen the gas as it poured out of the tanks. And who, other than the usual suspects among the Far Left Crazy, would have targeted the Salvation Army at Christmas time?

Can you imagine the hoo-hah in the bulls*** nooze media, if someone had sabotaged the Drag Queen Story Hour?

The Far Left, the enemy of the human race, is satanic to its core. Remember that.


5 comments on “Leftids Sabotage Salvation Army Vans

  1. This breaks my heart. The SA is always there to help and I depend on them to be there to help. I pray when disasters strike but I certainly can’t be to offer help, comfort, food, water, whatever but the SA makes it their mission to do so. God has called them for this ministry and I give money to help them do this ministry.

    1. We have a pledge to them.
      But the whoopee crowd has decided the SA is “anti-gay,” so now we’re all supposed to hate it.
      Leftism is a societal malignancy.

  2. Their hatefulness just makes me love the SA all the more. I used to buy food every Sat. evening and take it to my church, where mine and some others’ were distributed by the SA to homeless men in their shelter facility. It warmed my heart knowing the needy were being blessed. I still give what I can for this cause. I will step up my giving now in light of this.

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