By Request, ‘Do You Have Room for Jesus?’

Requested by Erlene–Do You Have Room for Jesus?, by Carroll Roberson with his wife, Donna… and some of God’s clean, soft snow.

8 comments on “By Request, ‘Do You Have Room for Jesus?’

  1. Thank you for posting. I hope everyone enjoys this as I do. Such a great way to escape the paganism of the world for a little while. I have been informed by facebook again, that my posts do not conform to “community standards” because I am saying that only God’s will is going to prevail, and not man’s. ha! Will they be surprised!!

  2. I guess it is the community of “diversity is unity bunch”. I may just leave facebook for good. I don’t want to waste my time on such drivel.

  3. I was just think about the whole thing again– the reprimand from facebook. Then I recalled the scripture that says “happy are you when men revile you for my sake…” So I thought maybe I can provoke them even more and I can dance a little happy dance. How about that?

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