‘No End in Sight’ (2010)

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This was part of a series of articles I wrote for Chalcedon, in 2006, about paganism and goddess worship in the churches.

No End In Sight

It’s kind of long; but as you’ll see, if you read it, it’s long because there was so much material to report.

I thought I ought to re-run this piece because, although it’s almost 2020 now, there’s no sign of the paganized churches cleaning up their act. No denomination is safe.

They are at risk of divine judgment.

11 comments on “‘No End in Sight’ (2010)

    1. That’s the point. It’s gotten so much worse it’s overwhelming, time-consuming and on the prophesied train to destruction. I’d rather you had more time to be here with us anyway.

  1. I’ve noticed this happening around me and it’s chilling. People don’t see, to realize the wonderful gift of being freed from superstition and all, that goes with it. To throw this back in the Creator’s face is a terrible insult.

    1. Because they choose to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and bad. They prefer mythology to true knowledge. They prefer anything, no matter how ugly, over accountability.

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