Marco Polo Was a Hamster

Well, okay, maybe he wasn’t–but as an explorer, he had nothin’ on the hamster in this video.

Imagine yourself in the Land of Huge Colossal Giants (about 12 miles south of Sayreville, NJ), stuck in a giant’s house where the risers on the stairs are ten feet high. Are you going up those stairs? Ah! But the hamster goes tirelessly up and down the stairs and all around the house, and even climbs up into somebody’s lap for a brief cuddle.

Determined little character, isn’t he?

2 comments on “Marco Polo Was a Hamster

  1. LOL – really? Reminds me of a tune: “Marco Polo was a hampster. He was no friend of mine.” Excusez-moi – just being silly. Like your hampster, the Myth of Sisyphus.

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