‘The Lost River of Eden’ (2015)

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The Bible preserves knowledge of ancient things that would otherwise be lost–such as this ancient river that once flowed across Arabia, but whose course can now be detected only by satellite photography.

The Lost River of Eden

At the very latest, scientists say, this river stopped flowing around 2,000 B.C.–if not much sooner. Yet there it is in the Book of Genesis.

Maybe the Bible scribes had satellite photos of it?

4 comments on “‘The Lost River of Eden’ (2015)

  1. There are people who will do anything to discredit anything in the Bible.
    They sit or stand there using “scientific” terms and apologies, saying absolutely nothing meaningful. Using university level language does in no way equal truth, or even the search for it. These people give me such a headache.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some significant archaeological findings coming which confirm various biblical accounts. There is a spirited debate regarding the site of Mt. Sinai with some fairly credible evidence for it in NW Saudi Arabia. Some of these findings, if authentic, would be game changers and certainly validate the Bible to an even greater extent.

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