By Request, ‘Silent Night’ (Enya)

We’ve still got some Christmas music for you. Here’s one requested by Joshua: Silent Night, sung by Enya in Irish Gaelic.

4 comments on “By Request, ‘Silent Night’ (Enya)

  1. ENYA is for me the biggest artist EVER. In my opinion, is above Mozart and Beethoven. Her music is so peaceful and healing! Unfortunately, she is very underrated in my country, Romania. I heard Enya’s music in Romania no more than 5-6 times in 20 years! Just Orinocco flow, Only Time and We wish you a Merry Christmas. I already had an amazing experience listening Enya’s music. I had a terrible pain starting from my spin on my sciatic nerve for more than 3 years. It was unpredictable, when I played football or tennis, working or walking on the street. But in the middle of November 2018, while I was working in England, I received on my device Enya’s music, both instrumental and vocal and I felt from the beginning it’s very deep effect. It lasted more than a year since that time and in this time I had no problems with my sciatic nerve. My pain disappeared! Thank you so much, Enya! You are the best artist ever!

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