San Francisco, ‘American Dystopia’

Tucker Carlson on Fox News has launched a new series on the demise of America’s great cities, starting here with San Francisco. The purpose of the series, he says, is to “remind Washington what they’re supposed to be doing.” That is, preserving the quality of American life.

“Civilization itself,” he says, “is coming apart in San Francisco.” There is, in effect, no more law enforcement there. Any crime involving less than $950 in property damage or loss is simply ignored by the justice system. And meanwhile the sidewalks are full of human feces and discarded syringes. The city government hands out some 400,000 needles a month, free–which sort of encourages drug abuse.

But what the heck, they’ve still got the country’s biggest “pride” parades.

Two things need to be said. I don’t know whether Carlson is going to say them, so let’s say them here.

*This happens to every city where the Democrat Party rules. Go ahead, name a major city, governed by Democrats, that isn’t going to hell in a handbasket. Betcha can’t.

*This is happening to cities all over the Western world. Seen any pictures of Marseilles or Paris lately? Not nice! And if you’re ever in Stockholm–well, get out as fast as you can.

This is post-Christian know-it-all fat-head secular culture. It will prove to be an experiment in whether you can have a civilization without functioning cities.

Our one and only hope is to reject everything this stands for and run, don’t walk, back to God.

7 comments on “San Francisco, ‘American Dystopia’

  1. This is so sad, seeing the effects of a world currently ruled by satan. Your last sentence gave us the only solution.

  2. Ben Carson the HUD Secretary says homelessness in America is way down – it is places like California & New York where it is dramatically on the rise. The Trump economy cannot help those get ahead who are unwilling to work or move to where they can find work.

  3. Ultimately, it’s a matter of characters the character of the entire nation. We are not what we used to be, as a people, and this is the price. It’s socially unacceptable to criticize any negative behaviors, so people feel that they can justify anything. Only God’s Kingdom can correct this.

  4. I couldn’t “keep my head straight while those around me were losing theirs and blaming it on me”, if I didn’t have God, as I witness those who don’t have God disintegrating wildly.

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