Should We Have Another Comment Contest?

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G’day, folks! Byron the Quokka here: that’s me, sleeping in this morning. But I’m up now, and trying to talk Lee into starting another comment contest.

Just now, we have 54,049 comments. The Christmas Carol Contest is over, and I think we need something to balance out all the bad nooze out there. How about a race to 56,000 comments? Anybody up for that? Maybe this time I can get him to award a bicycle to the winner. There are bikes parked all over Rottnest Island; they can’t all have rightful owners.

Well, we’ve got to find the measure of the popular demand, so let’s hear from you. Lee thinks it’s too soon to start another contest. But that leaves me without a job around here, so let’s see if we can get him to change his mind.

10 comments on “Should We Have Another Comment Contest?

  1. Sorry for your disappointment, Byron, but remember Lee is the boss around here. Let’s just cool our heels and see what he wants to do, OK?

  2. Byron, try asking Lee to offer roller skates instead. Then, if he agrees, maybe you can negotiate him up to a bicycle. 🙂

    But I’d be just as happy with a quokka T-shirt (small size, please). Or even an autographed (or paw-printed) photo of a quokka.

    1. Much as I would love to award more quokka T-shirts as prizes, first I’d have to buy them.

      Now that the enterprise as fallen through, I can tell you that what I was really after was Bell Mountain T-shirts. That would’ve been great! But the printer we were going to get to do it raised his price, so it didn’t get done. Maybe sometime this year…

  3. That’s a terrific idea! I’m looking forward to hearing more about this, Byron and Lee!

    Bell Mountain T-shirts you say?…

    (Joshua shoots up into outer space in overloaded excitement. According to his calculations, he will come back in about 35 minutes.)

  4. There seems to be a mistake in Joshua’s calculations: 54 minutes late. Travelling in space proved longer than he thought.

    1. Take Two. Marker and action! 🎬(Snap!)

      “Space travel took longer than he thought.”

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