Bed Bandits

There are dogs that simply wouldn’t let the cat steal their bed–I mean, there have to be. Right? Alas, none of those dogs made it into these videos.

What do you want to bet these cats have beds of their own but would much rather usurp the dog’s bed? It must be fun.

5 comments on “Bed Bandits

  1. cats can sometimes be very condescending with other cats, dogs, even humans if they can get away with it.

    1. The naughty cat in the house couldn’t get around my iguana, though. He would not let her on my bed. That’s only because she went around pooping on everybody’s beds. Every time she tried to come into my room, he chased her out.

    2. Cats KNOW that everything in the world was made just for them; that individual cat. So, accordingly, they reserve the right to claim anything they see fit to use and expect that to be respected. The dog can sleep on the hard floor, because cats believe they rule.

      I had a wonderful cat that would lie precisely where I slept. Every night I had to lift her out of my way. She was a good cat, but every single night, she let me know that the bed was hers and not mine.

      Cats are proof that God exists, and that He has a great sense of humor. 🙂

    1. He let the dog into my room, and he let the good cat in, they were his friends; but the bad cat got chased out the moment she set foot there.

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