‘Empty Suits’ (by R.J. Rushdoony)

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“The Swamp” wasn’t invented in 2008 and is not confined to Washington, D.C. It’s been with us since the dawn of history, and can be found wherever you look.

So R.J. Rushdoony’s 1995 essay, “Empty Suits,” is just as applicable, if not even more so, 25 years later.


We wonder why tiny minorities with truly lunatic, perverse, or wicked ideas ride roughshod over everybody else and always seem to get their way. Well, it’s because no one will stand up to them. “Men,” said Rushdoony, “are everywhere refusing to be men.”

Go along to get along. The churches do it. Office workers do it around the water cooler. Teachers with outraged consciences fall silent in the faculty lunchroom. Go ahead–see what happens to you if you don’t go along with a lesbian “wedding,” or with some bearded man insisting he’s a woman, or with some race hustler demanding “reparations.” These are all perverse and evil notions–but who dares say so? And so they flourish.

Without faithfulness to God, we have nothing and we are nothing.

Meanwhile, a lot of Christians strain themselves trying to serve two masters.

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  1. Serving two masters never works out. The Lord Himself told us so. I think it is high time and past for a major time of repentance for all who know how.
    With all the severe weather around the world, hurricanes, volcanos, wars and rumors of wars, what does this remind us of?

    1. “ Without faithfulness to God, we have nothing and we are nothing.”

      That says it all. We are NOTHING unless we are motivated by a desire to please our Creator.

  2. We are indeed weaklings with no real Holy Spirit powered boldness! And too busy to, as David did, build ourselves up in Thee, our God. We cannot become one with each other and with Thee, unless we step forward with what little faith we have and STAND OUT against the world! Answer our prayer, oh Heavenly Father…in the name of Jesus Christ, Your son–Amen!

  3. I never heard of Rushdooney until I heard of you. What a loss of years that could have been richer in wisdom. It seems I always have to read Rushdooney’s articles twice. So I’ll just say for now that I”m excited that Oath Keepers and other patriots are going to Virginia today to protest against the guns confiscation efforts of its’ sick, tyrannical governor. It seems we still have some real men in the pot. So the US isn’t Sodom & Gomorrah, yet.

    1. According to Walter Williams, about 90 percent of Virginia’s counties and major cities have already declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.

      Last I heard, states could not decide which parts of the Constitution to keep and which parts to throw away.

    2. Yes, I read. States should just take back the parts they threw away! And throw away the parts they rewrote.

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