What’s at Stake This Year

The Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ is at war with the kingdoms of this world–and none of us can be on both sides at once.


We haven’t seen that headline yet; but if Democrats win this year’s elections, we will.

With their own mouths, and by their own actions, they tell us what we can expect from them:

More abortions, right up to and including the moment of birth.

Criminals rewarded instead of punished. Chaos in our streets. See what has happened to San Francisco, Detroit, Seattle, and other Democrat utopias.

“Transgender” as a “right” that everyone must recognize and “celebrate”–or else.

All kinds of draconian restrictions on our freedom, and assaults on our prosperity, all in the name of Saving The Planet from imaginary Man-Made Climate Change. And when nothing happens, they can smirk at us and say “See? It worked!”

Gradual abolition–or maybe faster than I think–of the right of self-defense. Even unarmed self-defense will be unlawful. Ask the Democrats in the Virginia legislature.

An end to all meaningful attempts to curb illegal immigration.

If you stay home on election day, or throw away your vote on some quixotic third-party nonentity, you will, for all practical purposes, be voting for all of the above and then some.

The Democrat Party must not just be defeated. It must be permanently defeated. Put out of business. Discarded forever. There is no time to spare for such inanities as “But the Republicans are just the same!” etc. The time to deal with the GOP’s offenses is later. They have a lot of rotten apples that need to be tossed out of the barrel.

In the long run Christ Himself will establish His Kingdom on the earth.

And He will know who was on His side, and who wasn’t.

11 comments on “What’s at Stake This Year

  1. Judgement is coming and we are warned that it begins at the house of the Lord. I think a great deal of repentance should be happening SOON.

    1. I agree. The intensity of how events are unfolding would lead me to believe that ALL the things Jesus foretold seem to be happening simultaneously, which means that the advent will happen fairly soon.

  2. “EXECUTION DELAYED SO KILLER CAN VOTE” – when I read this I actually believed it and went looking for the link. It seems all I have to do is shut out everything that is good and/or makes sense and I can get into the mind of a Democrat. It’s only because of God that I can get back out.

    1. Ignorance is bliss for the leftids. Hmmm, they might have a point. They don’t even know they’re a menace to society because one tentacle doesn’t know what the other is doing. Someone said “Those who are educated in the mind but not in morals are a menace to society.”

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