Your Pet Possums

I say possums definitely have appeal, even if they do get stuck in your garbage can and then pretend they’re dead, totally grossing you out. But the possums in these videos aren’t doing anything like that.

My wife once had a possum for a pet. She gave birth to a whole crowd of baby possums (“she” being the momma possum, not my wife: heaven forbid) and stowed some of them in the silverware drawer. The cats were very careful to give the possum all the space she wanted, and no fights broke out.

I had a half-grown possum in my bedroom once, but my mother saw it and had a bad moment.

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  1. I don’t know much about possums, but they seem to be pleasant little critters. I don’t think I’d want one as a pet, but then again, there was a time that I didn’t like cats, either. (A very long time ago.)

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