‘In Defense of Plain English’ (2016)

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Holy cow, is this stressful! You should see what they’ve done to my blog this morning. If it looks normal at your end–well, I wish it’d look normal here.

Anyway–remember when I had to read and review all those books by “Abner Doubleday,” aka Brian Godawa? The fantasies set in the world before the Flood, which featured everyone using 21st century slang.

In Defense of Plain English

Hint to aspiring writers: Plain English is just about always suitable for whatever purpose you have in mind. There are some famous authors who love to write in dialect, and subject their readers to whole pages of blah-blah at a time. I have never enjoyed those books.

6 comments on “‘In Defense of Plain English’ (2016)

  1. Thanks for sharing your defense. Here’s mine: Blah blah blah scatty wop op doo. And if you elect me i’ll give you everything according to your need. Blah blah blah shitty shitty bang bang…

    1. Meanwhile Chelsea “The Sage” Clinton sez America is not the kind of country she wants to raise her children in. SO WHY IS SHE STILL HERE??? Blasted libs! Always promising to leave, and never doing it…

    2. She doesn’t know what she wants. Always breaking promises. How does one walk away from a crime family anyway?

    3. She’s lying when she says she wants to leave the USA. She’d rather bring Venezuela here.

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