‘He Who Would Valiant Be’

I have no idea whether the hymn I selected will appear here. Everything on this computer is chaos today.

What I wanted–and I don’t know if that’s what you’re seeing–was He Who Would Valiant Be, accompanied by video of a scenic, soothing little ride on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Pray for my head not to explode today.

19 comments on “‘He Who Would Valiant Be’

  1. Yes. it’s the hymn you selected. I’ll pray for your head not to explode today, but I must admit, i’m graphically curious to see how that happens. Do I have to say “just kidding”?

    1. LOL!! Just pretend i’m not here. I often tell you what I would prescribe but I’ll repeat at this time: a shot of bourbon, a good cigar, and a rest from whatever it is that’s causing whatever it is.

    2. Stay on the laptop until your blood pressure goes down. Then take a hammer to the PC, go to the bank for a loan, and buy a new computer that does not have microsoft; Sony Vios? Of course my suggestion is ridiculous but it’s still what I wish I could do when i’m fighting the low tech.

    3. Good grief, it took me ten years to acquire the tiny bit of ability I have now–and I should change over to a whole new system that I’ve never even heard of before? Sorry, but I’m afraid that would literally drive me mad.

    4. I made a mistake. That prescription wasn’t for you. It was for someone who thought anything was worth not having to deal with the major problems Microsoft causes. On the other hand, I don’t think I could learn another system either because I haven’t even mastered the one i’ve been using for OVER ten years. BTW, how far is it to “mad” – I don’t want to be responsible for someone I can’t even see… lol

    5. Patty says we’ve gotta buy a new computer with Windows 10 on it. Susan says it’s not that awful, I can learn. I don’t believe her, but it’d be nice if I was wrong.

    6. OMGoodness! I was forced to get Windows 10 by my IP and surprisingly, I found it to be better. not worse. But I’m confused, there wasn’t anything I had to learn. But the work you do on the comp is much more technical. I can’t even put a picture on a comment AND I can’t even post an emoji!! But this isn’t about me, thank God – lol.

    7. Y’know what? I think I will go have a cigar.
      I’ve never been good with any kind of technology. You should’ve seen what my father went through, trying to teach me to drive a standard shift. He had to give it up in total despair.

    8. I never did shift that shift either. And i’m just as smart as you, sometimes… Blow the smoke my way. Love the smell.

    9. How do you know I’m not a radical offender? Hmm…I am a radical offender but I offend only the people who offend me and i’m radical only with my words. Just keep the window open. The Northeast isn’t cold yet.

  2. I’m not good at techie stuff either, especially in these last 5 years or so. I had a little apple mac mini that I understood perfectly, loved it like a dear friend, but suddenly one day it had an instant heart attack and died mid line and I haven’t been able to get another one. Sighhh, life just keeps throwing curves making it hard for an old lady to catch up.

  3. I have Windows 8. When I updated Windows 10 my whole computer crashed, and the Greek Squad had to factory reset it and save all my data in a file. And even though I am a member it still costs me $100.00. They told me my five year old Samsung computer can’t handle Windows 10 – now they tell me. FAP!!

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