This Is ‘Offensive’?

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Might as well keep it in a jar, for all the use they get of it.

(Source: Martin Selbrede, “As a Result…” in Arise & Build, Chalcedon’s monthly newsletter, Jan. 31, 2020)

Steven Wilson, founder and CEO of a New York City charter school chain, was fired recently for a blog post that “extolled an education structured to permit students to ‘experience the satisfaction of their intellect: the heady delight in connecting ideas, the pleasure of imagination, and the reward that follows mental struggle.'”

“In today’s highly charged climate,” Martin adds, “to be protective of such values against ideologically intolerant litmus tests is regarded as inherently oppressive and racist.”

So thinking is now “racist”? Well, yeah, everything is racist, somehow.

But here we have “education” itself tearing at… education! Suddenly “education” means the opposite of education. Suddenly it means tamping down the mind so that the students will not connect ideas.

Western societies are “educating” themselves to death. There are way too many colleges and looniversities, way too many students in them (learning how not to connect ideas), way, way, way too many self-important pinheads “educating” them into idiocy, and appalling sums of money being wasted on it.

The only thing our education establishment is in business for is to crank out more Far Left Crazy dunderheads. For “educators” today, this is Job One. There is no Job Two.

Take away the public funding, break the teachers’ unions, and let the free market strangle most of the colleges and looniversities.

Before they strangle what’s left of our civilization.

8 comments on “This Is ‘Offensive’?

  1. So true. History is the story of ideas and the means mankind has chosen to fulfill them. Ideas are what separates us from animals. I have an idea, encourage all Christians to be light and salt and occupy every strata of society conforming it to the obedience of Christ.

  2. At the very root, the “Loving Left” are intolerant and misanthropic. They believe that people are stuck with whatever lot in life they are currently in and they don’t seem to realize that people can improve their lives and their minds by being challenged. The road to success is steep, but worth the effort. It’s not just about money, it’s very much a matter of satisfaction.

    I had a challenging day today. I won’t go into details, but let us suffice to say that the 9 1/4 hours I spent at the office went by quickly. I had to solve a somewhat mysterious technical problem, but it sure felt good when I did. Now, how is that racist or hateful? If I had decided that the deck was stacked against me and given up, all it would have meant is that a number of people (potentially 94 coworkers) wouldn’t have been able to do their job. None of this could have happened without facing challenges and connecting ideas. We should be inspiring youth and helping people of all backgrounds to realize that they can succeed in life if they apply themselves.

    “Experience the satisfaction of their intellect: the heady delight in connecting ideas, the pleasure of imagination, and the reward that follows mental struggle.” I got to experience all of these things today, at work, and it felt great.

    1. Mean as can be, I am. 🙂

      In all seriousness, life is tough and people, all people, need to be prepared for this fact if they are going to prosper in any sense of the word. I had to learn many lessons the hard way, but it was worth it. But how can young people learn any of life’s lessons when the Left keeps up a steady drumbeat of propaganda telling people that they can never succeed on their own? This is a tough fight.

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