My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 16 (‘Yes, It’s True, They’re Crazy’)

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Look at that–I almost forgot I had a Newswithviews column for you.

Yes, It’s True, They’re Crazy

I wrote this and sent it in before I learned that a Facebook glitch had revealed that Scold O’ the World Greta Thunberg’s Facebook posts are written by her father and some “climate activist” in India.

No surprise: libs love to hide behind children.

Just like they like to hide their global government plans behind the Climate Change scam.

True, there are poor fools out there who believe the sky is falling.

But the ones who shout the loudest believe it least. They’re the ones who get the private jets and the mansions on the water. And Greta is their tool.

2 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 16 (‘Yes, It’s True, They’re Crazy’)

  1. What are these Climate Change activists going to do about all the volcanoes going off all over the world of late. They can’t put them in jail for putting more greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere than man can ever create.

  2. I find it troubling that adults anywhere would be taken in by this. A 16 year old is a child and, while they certainly have value as individuals, they lack life experience. I was a pretty serious kid and took life seriously, but my priorities at 16 were quite different from what they are now, and there’s a big difference; my current priorities allow me to have a productive and satisfying life. The priorities I had a 16 would have never resulted in the productivity I enjoy today.

    I have just as many opinions at this age as I did almost 50 years ago, when I was Greta’s age, but there’s a big difference because my current opinions are not based upon what someone told me, but upon the experience gained over a lifetime. I do meaningful work in a field which helps doctors and hospitals to improve the lives of their patients. The experience I’ve gained in life has changed my perspective.

    For one thing, I’ve learned that I am exceptionally fortunate and I’ve learned gratitude. Thing could be much worse. i realize that my life relies upon the efforts of many others, from the guy that made the Pizza I had for supper to the farmers that produced the foodstuffs to the truck driver that delivered them to the restaurant. The same holds true for everything I use in my day to day life. Instead of cursing the people that make it possible for me to live my life, I give thought to how life would be without their efforts.

    Our economy is motivated by one central tenet; the need to survive. It doesn’t matter whether you are a produce farmer or a brain surgeon, you are adding value to the world because your efforts help others In their efforts to survive. The people behind Greta are literally cursing the system which feeds them and they’ve exploited a child in the process.

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