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How Does God Protect Us? (‘The Smiths of Zechariah,’ by Martin Selbrede)

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“And the Lord showed me four carpenters… these are come to fray them, to cast out the horns of the Gentiles, which lifted up their horn over the land of Judah to scatter it.”  –Zechariah 1: 20, 21

How does God protect us from the dark? By giving light. How does God protect us from lies? By the truth.

In this essay, Chalcedon Vice President Martin Selbrede turns to the prophecy of Zechariah to shed light on the shameful, stressful age in which we live.


It’s a little long, but stay with it: Martin makes some points we need to hear. His “smiths” are the “carpenters” of the King James Version. God knows His people are surrounded by enemies, and He will do something about it. And because we are His people, His servants, there is a role for us to play.

Carpenters aren’t soldiers. Soldiers knock things down, but carpenters build. They will build Christ’s Kingdom on the earth; and not with bombs and bullets, but with truth.

But of course exposing humanistic fallacies to the light of absolute truth is more destructive to them than any bomb can be.

Chalcedon’s Move into Christian Fiction (Video)

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In 2013 Chalcedon’s vice-president, Martin Selbrede, explained our move into fiction–after a long history of publishing works on theology and Christian analysis of society and culture.


As exemplified by Our Lord Jesus Christ’s parables, fiction is “a vehicle for conveying ideas” and showing how Christian principles play out in real life, often accompanied by spiritual and personal conflict: “If there is no friction, there is no fiction,” Martin says, and he’s right. And that, of course, is the difference between a story and a sermon.

“We waited 45 years before we turned to fiction,” so as to lay a strong theological foundation for everything published by Chalcedon. We didn’t want mediocre fiction built on weak theology.

It was time to move into fiction, Martin says, because with fiction, “You can suddenly get people thinking.”

Martin has written a Christian novel, Hidden in Plain Sight, which explores the nature of reality; and we also have my Bell Mountain fantasy novels, with ten of them in print so far and No. 11, The Temptation, just about ready for publication.

Well, if you’ve ever wondered why a Christian educational foundation decided to publish fiction, this will explain it for you.

Q&A with Martin Selbrede: ‘A New Martyrdom Issue?’

Chalcedon’s ministry takes questions from listeners all over the world, to be answered on our own website (www.chalcedon.edu), on Facebook, and on Youtube by our vice president (and my mentor) Martin Selbrede. You might want to advance this video to 7:00 before you start listening to the questions, and Martin’s answers.


The first question is a hot one.

With governments insisting that we all go along with discarding “Male and female created He them” and adopt “the new truth” that “gender is a spectrum,” and start calling males females and females male because this is what these misguided persons demand of us, “Could this become a new martyrdom issue?” After all, people have lost their jobs for refusing to do this, and in some jurisdictions, using “the wrong pronoun” can get you tossed into prison.

Do we grin and bear it, or do we draw the line at this?

Martin summons Biblical arguments to explain why we must draw the line before we get pushed back any farther. “The Kingdom of God becomes a ghetto,” he warns, if Christians fail to exert a godly influence on society.

The Q&A is about an hour long, and there are three more questions answered after this one.

Plenty of food for thought!

‘Brothers Under the Skin’ (2007)

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This article by Chalcedon editor Martin Selbrede will ring true to Christian bloggers, some of whom have been anonymously attacked by–supposedly–other Christians.


Martin has been a mentor to me, over the years–he was instrumental in getting my books published, and in many other ways too numerous to mention–and his thoughtful articles have often inspired me.

The Man Who Successfully Treated Opioid Addiction–and Wound Up in Jail

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Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore

If you’re interested in the ever-worsening problem of opioid addiction in America, which President Trump mentioned in his State of the Union speech, and would like to read a deep and thorough treatment of the subject, visit the Chalcedon website, http://www.chalcedon.edu .

Our print magazine, Faith For All Of Life, published a series of 18 articles by our vice-president, Martin Selbrede, on the life and work of Dr. Punyamutula Kishore, whose clinics boasted a success rate of 50 to 60 percent in treating drug addicts–until the state of Massachusetts shut him down, closed his clinics, and sent him to prison. Dr. Kishore is out now, and resuming his work in other states where the government is more receptive: but he has an awful lot of wreckage to clean up.

It’s easy to access Martin’s articles (edited by Susan and me). Just go to Chalcedon’s site, click “Resources,” and search for “Dr. Kishore”–so simple, even I can do it.

Why was Dr. Kishore persecuted? His success rate of 50 to 60 percent rather embarrassed the government-endorsed programs, where the success rate seldom reaches as high as 5 percent. His was a sobriety-based treatment, instead of substituting one addictive drug for another. Martin’s articles tell the whole story. Meanwhile, a feature film has been made about Dr. Kishore and should soon be ready for release.

It’s too big a story for me to sum up here: so if you’re interested, read the articles. I think you’ll be amazed by what you read.

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