‘Regeneration, Not Revolution’

Martin Selbrede | heroinamerica

If the problem is the human heart, all the tweaking of the “system” won’t solve any of its problems. They can only be solved if people change. Not the “system.” The people.


You’d think that would be simple enough to understand; but it’s overlaid by many centuries’ worth of serious-sounding blah-blah–unpacked by Martin Selbrede in his essay for The Chalcedon Report. There’s a lot he has to unpack, but stay with it: there is wisdom here.

The whole conception is wrong, Martin explains, because it arises from the notion that “Evil is external to us, but intrinsic to the world.” This lets man off the hook and allows him to say he’s a victim, not a perpetrator.

A bad diagnosis can only lead to a bad cure. In this fallen world, the cure most often served up to us is revolution. Burn it all down! And what we build on the rubble will be paradise!

A quote to take away: “Revolutions merely shuffle the deck using the same cards.”

That’s why they always lead to mass graves and barbed wire.

Martin’s Baby Grandson Still Fighting for Life

Newborn Holden with all the tubes and such. By God’s grace he’s hanging in there.

Please keep those prayers coming, folks, for Martin Selbrede’s baby grandson, Holden, who was born seven weeks prematurely and with a defective heart that needs surgical repairs. Here’s Martin’s update.


Holden needs three open-heart surgeries and has already had two of them–before he was even two months old. I’ve seen a picture of him without all the tubes and sensor plastered all over him–a sweet little baby with a sweet smile.

Martin, a director of the Chalcedon Foundation, has been a friend and mentor to me. I pray every day–and please join me–that the Lord will bring Holden safely through the danger and that he’ll grow up to be a good and godly man: amen.

‘Embracing the God Who Shakes Our World’

Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.    Hebrews 12: 26-27

This essay by Martin Selbrede will do for a sermon.


God shakes the earth. We see that as a hardship, a rough ride; but it’s also God’s promise. As for the shaking, “It is how God fulfills His promise to His people that they will inherit the earth while His government increases without end.”

You can read the whole essay for yourselves. I just want to add one more thought to it.

What if God didn’t shake the earth? What if He didn’t remove those things that oppose Christ’s Kingdom?

That should scare you worse than the shaking.

Remember the seed that was sown among thorns.

Jailed–for Succeeding Where the Medical Establishment Failed

Dr. Punyamurtula S. Kishore, Preventive Medicine Physician in ...

Dr. Punyamurtala Kishore

Yesterday we posted a history video about Dr. Ignaz Semmelweiss, who was destroyed by the medical establishment of the mid-1800s for virtually stamping out fatal “child-bed fever” at hospitals under his authority.

Present-day America has its own Semmelweiss. Dr. Punyamurtala Kishore, in Massachusetts, developed a successful system for treating and curing opioid addiction. His reward for that? In 2011 the state shut down all 52 of his clinics and threw him in jail.


Our managing editor at Chalcedon, Martin Selbrede, covered this bizarre story in deail from its beginning to the present. We have a link to Article No. 15 in the series because it provides links to the earlier articles, in order.

It’s standard practice to treat drug addiction by giving the patient other addictive drugs, like methadone. Dr. Kishore abandoned that, and replaced it with a treatment regime whose goal was not “managing” addiction, but curing it.

Like Semmelweiss, Dr. Kishore had dramatic results to prove his success.

Like Semmelweiss, the establishment–politicians, the “news” media, pharmaceutical companies, and high-ranking physicians–came down on him with everything they had. Semmelweiss died in a mental hospital. Dr. Kishore went to jail. At the age of 65, they had him cleaning streets–which impaired his health.

Unlike Semmelweiss, Dr. Kishore lived through his ordeal and, in the midst of persecution, found advocates and allies. So his struggle continues.

It’s all in Martin’s articles. It may be rather hard to believe–but believe it.

This Is ‘Offensive’?

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Might as well keep it in a jar, for all the use they get of it.

(Source: Martin Selbrede, “As a Result…” in Arise & Build, Chalcedon’s monthly newsletter, Jan. 31, 2020)

Steven Wilson, founder and CEO of a New York City charter school chain, was fired recently for a blog post that “extolled an education structured to permit students to ‘experience the satisfaction of their intellect: the heady delight in connecting ideas, the pleasure of imagination, and the reward that follows mental struggle.'”

“In today’s highly charged climate,” Martin adds, “to be protective of such values against ideologically intolerant litmus tests is regarded as inherently oppressive and racist.”

So thinking is now “racist”? Well, yeah, everything is racist, somehow.

But here we have “education” itself tearing at… education! Suddenly “education” means the opposite of education. Suddenly it means tamping down the mind so that the students will not connect ideas.

Western societies are “educating” themselves to death. There are way too many colleges and looniversities, way too many students in them (learning how not to connect ideas), way, way, way too many self-important pinheads “educating” them into idiocy, and appalling sums of money being wasted on it.

The only thing our education establishment is in business for is to crank out more Far Left Crazy dunderheads. For “educators” today, this is Job One. There is no Job Two.

Take away the public funding, break the teachers’ unions, and let the free market strangle most of the colleges and looniversities.

Before they strangle what’s left of our civilization.

‘Politics and the Madness in Men’s Hearts’

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(This essay by Martin Selbrede first appeared in this month’s Chalcedon newsletter, Arise & Build.)

We never seem to get anywhere with our politics, do we? Could it be that that’s because “Our problems aren’t political, they’re moral”?


And trying to apply immoral solutions to moral problems is like trying to treat opioid addiction by giving the patient more opioids. Oops. That’s what we’re doing, isn’t it? How’s that working out for us?

What could be simpler than God’s law? Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. But this is the law we disobey.

As citizens of a constitutional republic, we enjoy great privileges that are not known to people living under, say, a socialist dictatorship. We do have a calling to preserve our heritage. But please note how we’ve let the most important part of that heritage slip away!

John Adams wrote, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” By allowing ourselves to slip into a state of moral imbecility, we render our government inadequate! And we keep on playing whack-a-mole with the ensuing political problems–which are really moral problems, but we don’t want to hear that.

‘Standing in the Waters of the Kingdom of God’

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Martin Selbrede wrote this piece for Chalcedon’s Arise & Build newsletter, July 2019.


His discussion of Ezekiel’s vision of the holy waters flowing from God’s Temple (Ez. 47:1-12) contains a startling thought:

We are already in God’s Kingdom. It’s already here.

“Ezekiel was as much in the water when it was ankle-deep as when it was knee-deep… We’re standing in the middle of the Kingdom.” We may still be closer to the shallow end–but it’s the same water, wherever we stand in it.

Yes, that thought startles us–but should it? Really? If Christ truly is our king, He is king now. And His Kingdom is, and is to come. It’s a process that began a very long time ago and is ongoing today.

What does that mean to us?

Read Martin’s essay and find out.


Chalcedon’s Back!

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Our Chalcedon website’s up and running again. We still don’t know what (or who!) caused it to go down, but at least it’s up again.

And now I can reblog that piece by Martin Selbrede, “Alabama Conference Represents a Stake in the Ground.”


Martin was one of many speakers, last April, at “Domestic Abuse and the Church,” who stressed the need for the church to recognize domestic abuse as a reality and to believe and support those who supper from it. Isaiah 32:1-8 stresses the believer’s duty to be a refuge to those in need: not an added difficulty, but a refuge.

I guess it’s stuff like that that makes us “Haters,” eh?

‘A Kingdom the Size of a Flea Circus’

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I’ve been looking forward to sharing with you this article by Martin Selbrede, “Are Christians Destroying the Kingdom?”, published in May in Chalcedon’s Arise and Build newsletter. Here it is–dive right in!


This whole idea that Christians shouldn’t get involved in “worldly” things like business, the arts and sciences, public affairs, etc., has done no end of damage. In the mid-19th century, for instance, most of America’s college presidents were also ordained ministers of the Gospel. Look at it now. Can anyone but a total lunatic argue that Christians were on the ball when they surrendered all of “education” to the heathen? Our colleges are pumping out poison today because Christians deluded by retreatist theology resigned those institutions to the enemy.

Besides which, just standing around strumming a harp and reciting psalms gets unbearably boring after a while.

Christ Himself commanded His servants, “Occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13); and the master in the parable was mighty made at the slothful servant who took the money he’d been entrusted with and simply buried it instead of investing it.

We are to be advancing Christ’s Kingdom: that’s why we’re here!

Christ’s Warnings to ‘the Angels of the Churches’

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My Bible reading has brought me around again to Revelation. In the intervening time, I had occasion to edit a Chalcedon article by Martin Selbrede which made it clear to me that in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3, Our Lord Jesus Christ is speaking to the “angels”–that is, the leaders–of the seven churches in Asia (https://leeduigon.com/2018/02/12/the-lukewarm-angel-of-laodicea/). The leaders, not the congregations.

So I read Chapter 2 this morning, and this time it made much more sense.

In 1:20, the Lord makes clear that the seven stars that John sees are the “angels” of the churches, and the seven candlesticks are the seven churches. Let’s see what Jesus says to the leaders–pastors, elders, whoever–of those churches.

Ephesus: the “angel” has “left thy first love,” and if he doesn’t repent, the Lord will “remove thy candlestick”–that is, take away his ministry. Or their ministry, if the church is governed by a council of elders.

Smyrna: Persecution is coming. It’s going to be hard. Hold fast! Your reward will be forever.

Pergamos: Whoever was ruling this church let doctrinal corruption into it–probably allowed certain of the congregation to snuggle up again to some of the old pagan gods. This sin is assiduously practiced in many, many “liberal” churches today.

Thyatira: Here, whoever was in charge allowed “that woman Jezebel which calleth herself a prophetess to teach and seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed to idols” (v. 20). Have we seen this in churches today? The Lord allowed time for the false prophetess and the erring “angel” to repent, but they chose not to.

The miracle is that somehow the Church survives the churches! Even in the most far-out, all-but-apostate churches, Our Lord has His true servants doing their best to “occupy until I come.” All of them, whatever the denomination whose sign is out in front of the building, are part of the true Church built without hands–and we are united in more ways than we know.

I’ll be reading Chapter 2 tomorrow.