Boisterous Birds

Parrots are very, very intelligent and very sociable, too. But how do the birds in these videos know the cats won’t hurt them–even when they purposely try to tease the cats? And then there’s the cockatoo teaching himself to play the guitar. If this can ever be done without hands, a bird will do it.

5 comments on “Boisterous Birds

  1. It’s funny, but once a bird feels safe about a cat, they will tease it endlessly. I remember once seeing a cat that decided it was going to capture an African Gray Parrot, ostensibly to eat it. It slunk back a few seconds later, missing a large clump of fur. 🙂

    1. Those clumps of fur! Our cats Buster and Missy, brother and sister, NEVER fought when we were home. But if we went out, we’d find those clumps strewn all over the living room floor when we came back.

  2. wow, these are some of the darndest things I have seen birds do. My grandparents had a whole sun room with cages of all kinds of tropical birds, but of course, they had no access to cats or piano or anything. I bet they got really bored just sitting there and looking pretty.

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