Get the Transgender Stuff Right, and the Hockey Stuff Will Follow

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Organized sports for kiddies–feh!

Yeah, I know the headline sounds weird. Nevertheless, it’s what’s happening in Ontario.

Faced With Gender Propaganda at the Hockey Rink, One Coach Says No

Youth hockey–sort of like Little League, only it’s hockey instead of baseball–is big in Canada. It’s organized for children six years old and up.

Naturally, many fathers would like to coach their child’s hockey team. Okay, sure. There’s just this one little thing, though…

Before you’re allowed to coach youth hockey in Ontario, you have to take a “gender training course” to make sure your mind is right on all things trans. This is the result of a (LOL) “human rights” case that was settled in 2017. Can’t coach hockey unless you believe in, endorse, and celebrate what is surely the most profoundly perverse innovation in the cultural history of humanity.

None of that “male and female created He them” allowed in Ontario youth hockey.

Frankly, I’m surprised that even Canadians can be this servile. Have they no self-respect at all?

Organized sports, believe me, is loathsome enough without adding political indoctrination to it. There’s no better way than sports to bring out the most glaring defects in anyone’s character, even in simple pick-up games.

This just makes it several orders of magnitude worse.

What really frightens me is the question, “What comes after transgender?”

Whatever that turns out to be, Ontario’s “human rights” commission will be poised to ram it down your throat.

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  1. Makes me wonder how my Canadian friends who are residents there feel about this. Probably about the same as I feel about all the abominations here in this country.

  2. You’ve asked the question that I keep wondering about — and shuddering over — i.e., “What comes next?” Just three or four years ago, who would ever have dreamed of this “transgender” business? And now it’s everywhere, top of the list of issues. What comes next, indeed? Sane minds can’t even imagine.

    1. That will depend on Google, FaceBook, Twitter and the like because they are the powerful forces behind all this intersectionalism religion taking place. They see the Western Civilization’s Christian hierarchy of values as something that has to be turned upside down. So far, they have been quite successful. What’s next? Only a perverted mind that worships at the altar of the angel of the bottomless pit can foresee that.

  3. I see this as the Mark of the Beast, perhaps in the very beginning stages. Comply, or be shut out. What is chilling is the fact that if these people decided to form their own hockey league, they would be mandated to comply with the same requirements. As I mentioned in an earlier post, freedom of assembly is under assault.

    If a group of dads wanted to organize some hockey games for their kids, they could be forced to comply with these regulations. There’s no real escape. I haven’t read the regulations, but from what I read in the article, I wonder if the pickup games we played in my neighborhood would have been under the umbrella of this legislation.

    We don’t usually give much thought to freedom of assembly, but perhaps we should give it more thought. Freedom of assembly covers a lot of ground. It is the right to assemble peacefully for any number of purposes. Just having guests over for dinner requires freedom of assembly, albeit an expression that is rarely challenged. How about kids playing freely with other children in the neighborhood? That’s an everyday expression of freedom of assembly. Could there come a situation where a child expresses their family’s view on some hot-button issue and the parents end up being forced into taking some “awareness” course, because the neighbors complain?

    Freedom of assembly, freedom of belief and freedom of speech are absolute necessities for a free society, but these are now under continuous assault. Sometimes beliefs are not popular with others, but that does not make these beliefs wrong. Does a child who expresses a belief in creation expose their parents to possible “reeducation” if the neighbors believe in evolution?

    It becomes a very slippery slope. One thing that seems almost universally forgotten is that we have to defend the rights of others to hold beliefs we do not agree with in order to retain the freedom to hold out own beliefs. As long as the beliefs do no real harm to others, people are free to believe as they see fit. Obviously if you believed that you had the right to be a cannibal; well that harms others so one is free to believe it, but cannot act upon those beliefs.

    The problem I see with the education requirement that this coach objected to is that it is presented in such a manner as to address beliefs and not to inform of the legal requirements. If there are laws about transgender persons, it’s probably best that any coach knows about those laws. However, when they try to convince someone to change their beliefs on the matter, that is quite different. The presentation, as far as I could tell, was about making people accept this into their belief system and “educating” them to the “politically correct” point of view.

    As I see it, such a course violates the rights of an individual to hold their own beliefs. If I went to college, I might have to answer test questions regarding evolution, but that does not change my beliefs on the matter. I would be willing to prove that I had learned the course requirements, but I am not willing to state that I believe in evolution. This is not a fine line; it’s a very bold demarcation.

    1. Some years ago I interviewed an official of Canada’s federal Human Rights (LOL) Commission. He said there was a “problem” with people not having enough “diversity” in their choice of friends, and that the government ought to find some way to correct that–possibly by picking your friends for you. He wasn’t kidding.

      Our most basic freedoms are a sore temptation to those who wish to rule us. Or, as Mayor DeBlasio of New York said last year, “to order our day-to-day reality.”

      They’re all as mad as hatters, but a great deal more dangerous.

    2. That’s truly astounding, and frightening as well.

      As far as what comes next, my money is on trying to cast pedophilia as an innate sexual orientation which we will be compelled to allow as a matter of equal rights. I don’t think that they will ever gain acceptance by the majority of people, but I suspect they will cause a lot of trouble and disrupt some lives before they are finally shut down.

    3. The first century Christians were will to be martyred rather than bow down to Caesar. Are we willing to die for our beliefs? That is the kind of faith it is going to take to turn things around. To see 666 as a future event is to throw in the towel.

  4. Isn’t it mostly men who want to be made into women so they can compete against other women and thus be the big star? I’m not aware of female ice hockey teams – but that’s just me.

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