Kitten Kavalcade

Admittedly, not the most creative video I’ve ever posted. But I’m a sucker for cute little kittens. And the ones in the videos never somehow fly to the top of the refrigerator, crawl inside the bag with the ice cream-making machine, and then send the whole shootin’ match to the floor with a crash like the crack of doom. Peep did that once. She was unscathed, but the machine was ruined.

9 comments on “Kitten Kavalcade

  1. I agree with Erlene, this is approaching the mathematical limit of cuteness and that little one that jumped over the dowel rod with such determination may have violated the laws of the Universe by being too cute.

    What wonderful little bundles of God’s love for mankind.

  2. Absolutely adorable!

    My cat Iggy is having a couple of terrible days. Today he can’t even hold down water. We’ve had similar episodes before, but he’s just about in the average-life-span limit now, and with each episode I can’t help wondering: is this going to be The One? Prayers would be appreciated.

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