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More Sleepy Kittens

It’s Friday, I’ve worked hard this week, I’m full of supper, it has started quietly to rain… and I’ve got a video full of sleepy kittens. With music that’s not exactly Reveille. But I know… I… can stay up… just a bit…… longer…. if I [klunk–head hits table]

Kitten Kavalcade

Admittedly, not the most creative video I’ve ever posted. But I’m a sucker for cute little kittens. And the ones in the videos never somehow fly to the top of the refrigerator, crawl inside the bag with the ice cream-making machine, and then send the whole shootin’ match to the floor with a crash like the crack of doom. Peep did that once. She was unscathed, but the machine was ruined.

Cozy Kittens and Goats

For those of you for whom the goose video was too intense, here’s something much more quiescent. Note the kitten who wants to sleep in the hay, which is, inconveniently, the goats’ dinner. But nobody gets mad, everything’s peaceful and benign.

If this were a Freddy the Pig book, after the filming, they’d get together to start a barnyard newspaper or something.

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