Are Hamsters Crazy?

Just because you’re little and fuzzy doesn’t mean you can’t be nuts. These hamsters are determined to prove it.

Consider two things. 1) If a human being, like a hamster, were to run so fast that the camera could only record his legs as a blur–just how fast would he be going? And 2) why don’t these shenanigans on the wheel make hamsters desperately dizzy? That’s probably something NASA should investigate!

4 comments on “Are Hamsters Crazy?

  1. Oh, if only I had that energy! What couldn’t I do. Today, I am lucky just to be able to move at all. Right hip killing me, and a pain in my jaw to go with it. I hate taking pain pills, but today it had to be done. These hamsters
    look like they don’t know what pain is.

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