‘”Protesters” Try to Shout Down Prayer by Yelling “Lucifer”‘

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Leftids get mad if you call them Satan’s fan club–but how else to describe a scene like this?

‘Protesters’ Try to Shout Down Prayer by Yelling ‘Lucifer’

I mean, they did boo God at their national convention, didn’t they? Think they would’ve booed if some kook from California got up on the podium and invoked the name of Satan?

They’re gonna need a bigger Hell.

6 comments on “‘”Protesters” Try to Shout Down Prayer by Yelling “Lucifer”‘

  1. No worries, Mate! Plenty of room in hell for all of these poor misguided and misled folk. I only pray that they wake up before it is too late for ALL of us.

  2. Amen, Valerie. Even as evil and blind as they are, I think of them with sorrow. It is so sad to think of human beings, created in the image of God being so totally controlled by the very enemy of our souls.

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