They’re Still Trying to Sink the Electoral College

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The Virginia General Assembly this week has defeated a State Senate bill to award all of Virginia’s electoral votes, in a presidential election, to whichever candidate wins the national popular vote (

Democrats, relying on their numerical advantage in California and New York, are seriously trying to get rid of the Electoral College. This effort is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and here’s how it would work.

Say everyone in Virginia votes for Donald Trump for president. Ordinarily, Virginia’s electoral votes would go to Donald Trump. But say Hillary Clinton, having won California, New York, and Illinois, wins the national popular vote. Under the terms of the “compact,” all of Virginia’s electoral votes would go to Clinton. Even though no one in Virginia voted for her.

Does that strike you as fair to the voters in Virginia?

Our country’s founders created the Electoral College as a protection for the smaller states from being dominated by a few of the most populous states. Without it, California, New York, and Illinois, along with just a few other states, would dominate the country. There would be no need for presidential candidates to court the votes of most of the states. Just win the few biggest ones, and you’re in.

The legal issues involved in this are very far from being untangled, and I won’t try to explain them here. The political issue is that most of the American people do not understand the Electoral College or its purpose and think it would be “more democratic” to have only the popular vote in play.

Stock up on illegal aliens, give them drivers’ licenses, turn a blind eye when they vote illegally–and there you go, your state gets to decide who becomes president.

So far only “blue” Democrat states have joined the “compact.” Don’t tell me that you wonder why.

The Electoral College protects America from being eaten alive by a handful of large states.

We need to keep it.

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  1. Such a truly evil maneuver would also ‘sink’ the constitutional powers of the States and render our Constitution dead in the water. The Democrat/RINO who kills his way into the White House in 2024 will be king, for all intents and purposes. It’s so much easier to control one megalomaniac who controls everyone else than to control 50 states.

  2. The Electoral College ‘also acts as a State check on Federal power, thus protecting smaller States. Liberty and justice for all Americans is the goal of the Constitution, making the Electoral College both right and American. And in the words of Alexander Hamilton, “If the manner of it be not perfect, it is at least excellent.”

    “It unites in an eminent degree all the advantages,” Alexander Hamilton wrote in The Federalist No. 68, “the union of which was to be wished for.”

  3. The 11 states which have already agreed to the compact Vermont, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and California have passed legislation in their respective statehouses agreeing to favor the popular vote in presidential elections. Note all blue states.

  4. “The system we now use to elect presidents and vice presidents is unconstitutional. Our Constitution doesn’t permit political parties to hold primaries & national conventions to select nominees for their party.

    Instead, the Electors of each State are to meet within their own State and THEY cast the votes for their State for president; and then in a second ballot, THEY cast the votes for their State for vice president. Then each group of Electors sends their list of persons voted for to the President of the Senate who, on a specified date, counts the votes. The 12th Amendment specifies the procedures we are supposed to follow.’

    Neither this, nor anything else that benefits these traitors, would be considered unconstitutional if they get their Convention of States whose main purpose is to legalize everything they presently enjoy doing illegally. And don’t get me started on the BBA. Sorry for rambling, but i’m hot on these issues.

    1. Well, they’re very important issues–people who have never been properly educated in civics have no idea how important.

      Without the Electoral College, we’re toast.

    2. “people who have never been properly educated in civics have no idea how important.” aye, there’s the rub. It’s just as much my fault as it is of those who failed to teach it.

    3. The conservatives I know who support the Convention of the States say it can be limited to just a Balanced Budget Amendment and a Term Limits Amendment, both of which I am for.

    4. Read the BBA. It does not restrict spending. It contains more ways to increase spending than there are now because every so-called “restraint” has a loophole – a big one. Even just one issue for a CoS will open the door to unregulated, uncontrolled, independent delegates who don’t even have to decide any of the States’s issue but can legally put out what they think should be in the amendment. And you can be certain they won’t be friendly. We already have restrictions on spending and term limits that those who support a CoS do not uphold. So why would we believe another amendment or two would make a difference, other than allowing them to change the things in our present Constitution that reduces or omits the restrictions we now have to protect us from their rogue tyranny? And I said “present’ Constitution because the underlying goal of the globalists who support this is to rewrite our Constitution. George Soros, the Communist Party USA, the UN and others have already written their own drafts of what they want our new constitution to be. Lastly, the NAU will eventually require a new constitution.

    5. Balanced Budget Amendment. Which, as you know I believe, is the opposite of what it implies. No surprise. In fact, 13 states have actually pulled out of it once they read it – lol. Not yours or mine, of course.

    6. You were able to figure that out. You were just tired-at-the-end-of-a-grueling-day. I do the same thing. In fact, I had asked in a comment what “woke” meant and when someone told me I said the same thing. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

    7. whiterabbit, I just wanted to add that I too want terms limited and a budget balanced. But there are safer ways to do it. It’s just that it requires a lot of work, knowledge, and persistence. Most of us are trying to get by these days. The best mobilization, organization, and action I have ever see in this country was the Virginia rally. I’d sure love to see a One Million Citizens March on Congress…

  5. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is stupid. You have to amend the Constitution to get rid of the Electoral College, and that takes three-fourths of the states – it is not going to happen.

  6. The Democrat’s end goal is to remain in perpetual power. Eliminating the electoral college would go a long ways in achieving that. They are truly a subversive lot.

  7. I definitely agree that the idea of awarding all of a states Electoral College votes to whoever wins the national popular vote is wrong. However, the Electoral College system, as it stands now, is undemocratic. That Trump was able to win the Presidency when Hillary Clinton won 3,000,000 more popular votes (Trump’s claim that that winning popular vote total of hers was illegitimate is rubbish, as is most of what he says), is terrible. Trump wasn’t the only person to win with a minority of popular votes in recent history. Short of abolishing the Electoral College, the best and fairest answer that I’ve seen is to have every state award it’s Electoral votes on a proportional basis, dependent on the popular vote percentages for each candidate.

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