Can They Really Sidestep the Constitution?

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First you rip up the State of the Union Speech, and then the Constitution

Can the states get together and chop a piece off the Constitution?

Democrats have made a lot of noise lately about abolishing the Electoral College, which protects 47 states from being dictated to by New York, California, and Illinois. Because there’s no longer any meaningful instruction in civics anywhere, most people don’t understand what the Electoral College is, how it works, and why we need it. That makes them easy prey to pious babblings about “making the country more democratic.”

So a bunch of blue states, Democrat states, have this thing going, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact: by which, if they get enough states signed up, they can completely overturn the purpose of the Electoral College by providing for all the electoral votes of any state to go to the candidate that wins the popular vote, nationally–no matter how the people in that state may have voted. This is an end run around the Constitution.

For the sake of simplicity, what does the Constitution actually say? Do you need to go to law school for 17 years before you can begin to understand it? Let’s just see what it says (

Article 1, Section 10–we are interested primarily in the third clause, which says:

“No state shall, without the consent of Congress… enter into any agreement or compact with another state, or with a foreign power…”

I don’t think that’s so hard to understand. Do you? Like, the whole section is merely saying that states aren’t allowed to act like independent countries.

An immense amount of pettifogging lawyer lingo has sprung up around these clear and simple words, so that now no one is sure whether or not the states can drastically alter the Constitution without going through the amendment process. Our founders purposely made the amendment process long and difficult, so that foolish things should not be done in the heat of the moment–historically, a fatal failing of “democracy.”

But because our education system is a bad joke played on us, every day, by radicals, most people know very little, if any, of our country’s history, virtually nothing of her founding documents, and have little or no appreciation of what those things are that make the United States uniquely great among all the other countries in the world.

Trust me on this: you absolutely don’t want to trade our Constitution for the United Kingdom’s. Or anybody else’s. The United States grew great because it was different! And one of the most important factors in that difference was our Constitution. As written! As duly amended! And certainly not as “re-imagined” by slippery, conniving liberals and their sleazy lawyers.

Besides which, you’d think just about anyone would be smart enough, when he hears liberals recommend we do something, to realize that doing the very opposite is always best.

They’re Still Trying to Sink the Electoral College

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The Virginia General Assembly this week has defeated a State Senate bill to award all of Virginia’s electoral votes, in a presidential election, to whichever candidate wins the national popular vote (

Democrats, relying on their numerical advantage in California and New York, are seriously trying to get rid of the Electoral College. This effort is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and here’s how it would work.

Say everyone in Virginia votes for Donald Trump for president. Ordinarily, Virginia’s electoral votes would go to Donald Trump. But say Hillary Clinton, having won California, New York, and Illinois, wins the national popular vote. Under the terms of the “compact,” all of Virginia’s electoral votes would go to Clinton. Even though no one in Virginia voted for her.

Does that strike you as fair to the voters in Virginia?

Our country’s founders created the Electoral College as a protection for the smaller states from being dominated by a few of the most populous states. Without it, California, New York, and Illinois, along with just a few other states, would dominate the country. There would be no need for presidential candidates to court the votes of most of the states. Just win the few biggest ones, and you’re in.

The legal issues involved in this are very far from being untangled, and I won’t try to explain them here. The political issue is that most of the American people do not understand the Electoral College or its purpose and think it would be “more democratic” to have only the popular vote in play.

Stock up on illegal aliens, give them drivers’ licenses, turn a blind eye when they vote illegally–and there you go, your state gets to decide who becomes president.

So far only “blue” Democrat states have joined the “compact.” Don’t tell me that you wonder why.

The Electoral College protects America from being eaten alive by a handful of large states.

We need to keep it.