Mr. Nature: A Lobster’s Teeth

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Jambo! Mr. Nature here. And if you want to see a lobster’s teeth, don’t bother looking in its mouth. No, the lobster’s teeth are in its hands. See the picture.

The left claw contains the molars. Take a closer look: they’re not so different from our molars. They are instantly recognizable–but for their weird location–as molars.

The cutting teeth are in the right-hand claw.

God’s stuff can leave us shaking our heads. Try to imagine having your teeth in the palms of your hands. I’ll understand if you cringe.

The lobster has the kind of teeth it needs to process its food. Its teeth are similar to mammals’ teeth. I can easily see God designing them like that on purpose. I can’t see mammals’ teeth “evolving” from lobsters’, or mammals and lobsters inheriting their teeth from some imaginary common ancestor. (But you can’t allow free speech because then some people might say they don’t believe in Evolution and next thing you know we’ll have a theocracy blah-blah-blah…)

God’s stuff is just so cool.

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