‘Worldwide “Witches” to Cast Spell on Trump’ (2017)

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Well, okay, gang, you’ve had three years. Where’s this spell that’s supposed to drive him out of office?

Worldwide ‘Witches’ to Cast Spell on Trump

Witchcraft is not against God’s law because it actually works. It’s forbidden because those who practice it get highly exalted opinions of themselves. Some of their neighbors and customers share those opinions. And you wind up with idiots pretending to be gods.

Believe me: if witchcraft worked, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and Nancy Pelosi would have eaten this country alive.

5 comments on “‘Worldwide “Witches” to Cast Spell on Trump’ (2017)

  1. Nothing new under the Sun. People have been using the same tactics to gather followers for years. It’s simply another olde practice that has become new once more. I doubt that Mr. Trump ever gave these people a second thought.

  2. I’m not worried. Jesus will just catch them with His left hand and cast them back at them with His right hand.

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