Camp Bah-Lo-Nee

Ready for a little politics? Hey! Don’t throw stuff at me! Byron, help!

[Enter the quokka]

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G’day, everybody! Byron the Quokka here, and please don’t throw any more stuff. We’ve gotta cover politics sometimes.

This is why some of us quokkas are getting together to set up Camp Bah-Lo-Nee, for people who want to read about politics all the time. Here they can talk about it to their hearts’ content without disturbing anybody else.

Now that I’m an assistant blogger here, many people (and some quokkas, too) come to me for explanations of what’s going on in America’s politics this year. When that happens, I pretend to faint. But soon I’ll be able to recommend a visit to Camp Bah-Lo-Nee.

There they can help decorate the Russian Collusion Tree. There will also be games of Schiffball, in which everybody loses.

Campers’ fees will help us buy quokka-sized bicycles. But the camp isn’t ready yet, so don’t go looking for it because it’s out there in the middle of the Outback and you don’t want to get lost on the way.

10 comments on “Camp Bah-Lo-Nee

  1. What a great idea! I even sense an impending board game about the camp. Sales should help with the camp’s upkeep. Byron is SUCH a clever fellow.

    1. “A” sand witch, not “the” sand witch. Like Byron said, it’s politics. It could be any sand witch spewing bah lo nee that i couldn’t swallow. The left.
      Congress. The courts. You name her/him/xyz. What bah lo nee. What a sand witch. PS: What are we doing up this early – lol

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