‘Fore!’ for a Fox

They forgot to put up a “Humans Only” sign; so here’s a fox who’s learned that he can have a lot of fun on a golf course.

Question! If the fox should drop or roll your ball into the hole… how do you score that?

Wait’ll they discover bowling alleys.

2 comments on “‘Fore!’ for a Fox

  1. Wow! We are seeing the most extraordinary antics done by animals these days. Maybe they have always done this stuff, but I sure never saw any of it.

    1. I have the same thought, Erlene. Is it just the ubiquitous presence of video recording from phones, or is animal behavior changing?

      In either case, that was a lot of fun. He was obviously enjoying the play and didn’t seem at all concerned by the presence of humans. It probably was youngish, though it was pretty good sized.

      Ironically, the first time I ever saw a fox in the wild, it was entering the Willis Case golf course, on the very NW corner of Denver proper. There were several little red fox running across the road and making their way into the corner of that course, slipping under the fence. Cute little guys.

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