Memory Lane: the Magic 8-Ball

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Ask it a question, it’ll tell you no lies! That’s because it can’t, but never mind: it’s the Magic 8-Ball, invented in 1950 and still going strong.

My cousins and I had enormously good times with their Magic 8-Ball, asking embarrassing questions about each other and getting embarrassing answers. “Is Joanne in love with that creepy guy down the street?” “It is certain.” You get the idea.

I’m more than a little surprised that no one has trotted out the Magic 8-Ball to prognosticate this year’s political contests. Think of the money they’d save, just asking the 8-Ball. “Is Joe Biden all there?” “Please concentrate and ask again.” “Do those people on CNN ever tell the truth?” “Certainly not!”

In fact, it’d be instructive to compare the Magic 8-Ball to the various TV nooze analysts, scoring them for accuracy. I dare you to do it, MSNBC. Triple-dog dare you!

10 comments on “Memory Lane: the Magic 8-Ball

  1. No doubt the accuracy would be equal to anything we are hearing now.
    You cannot trust a single word that is broadcast or written.

  2. Somehow, I think that most of the news sources would have a very hard time matching the accuracy of the 8 Ball. Frankly, half of them would be challenged just to count to 8. 🙂

  3. I was wondering if you would make your way back to the 8-Ball after mentioning it briefly in a former post. My 8-Ball said “It is certain.” We used to fold paper into a device similar to an 8-Ball system but we could put the comments it gave out of our own imagination – kind of like the “She loves me, she loves me not” of a flower petal.

    1. I remember those! After a while it was easy to get the answer we wanted by figuring out which number would yield which “petal” to unfold and what lay behind each of the “petals.”

    2. I remember those! But I don’t remember how to fold them, or what they were called. Now I’m going to be racking my brain over it.

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