Mr. Nature: Spring Peepers

Spring is well on its way; and that means these little frogs, spring peepers, will be coming out hibernation and calling for mates. This is Mr. Nature: and for this safari, some of you will only have to walk out to your back yards.

My brother, Mark, and my editor, Susan, are privileged to live in neighborhoods where peepers abound. One or the other will phone me, from time to time, so that I can hear the peepers, too.

The march of the seasons, the calling of the peepers, the tulip bulbs by our door putting out shoots–all part of God’s stuff, and it all works just fine. All the time.

P.S.–For those of you who collect crepuscularities, Chef John (“Food Wishes”) perpetrated one today: “My wanton use of egg glue cause my wontons to fall apart.” You can catch him on Youtube–one of Patty’s favorite cooking channels.

4 comments on “Mr. Nature: Spring Peepers

  1. That was impress. If I were a lady frog, I’d want to know more about him. 🙂

    God’s stuff does work. Man’s stuff, sorta works. Humans have made great strides, but even the best of mankind’s accomplishments can’t even approach the reliability and resiliency of nature. A goldfish is much more complex that any human invention, yet they renew their population easily with untold numbers of perfect little miniature goldfish that go on to perpetuate the species. The same could be said for all living things, including plant life.

    I have read that one retinal cell can accomplish things a supercomputer could not. I do know that good vision is an amazing thing and the ability to detect even the most minute motion is nothing to be sneezed at. It Is amazing how well animals and humans can see. The vision we take for granted would be very hard to duplicate with any manmade sensors and the amount of data flowing through the optic nerves is astounding.

    God made all of this and His genius is seen everywhere in creation.

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