‘Stupid Masterminds!’ (2012)

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Here’s a stupid thing imposed on us by stupid government–monkeying around with the time, and calling it Daylight Savings Time–when all it is, is getting up 20 minutes early and find yourself already 40 minutes late.

Stupid Masterminds!

Fictional villains can’t afford to be big stupid idiots. Readers wouldn’t stand for it. Prof. Moriarty has to be at least as smart as Sherlock Holmes or you don’t have a story. All you have then is The Swamp.

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  1. Every time people presume to present themselves as “super smart”, they immediately prove just how stupid they are.

  2. Well, if that isn’t Professor Moriarty! Other than Holmes, he’s my favorite character by Doyle! (Shameful isn’t it?) Characters, even the bad guys, need good names, and Professor Moriarty sounds evil to the core!

    1. He’s the protagonist of “The Lost World” and several shorter stories. He and Holmes would have a marvelous clash of egos, could they ever meet.

    2. I’ve never read “The Lost World,” but it sounds something like a Jurassic Park book!

      That would have been an exciting match-up! (Probably I would understand what I just said more when I do more research on Professor Challenger!)

  3. DST is a strange thing unto itself. I don’t have strong feelings either way. The spring-forward, fall-back routine doesn’t bother me a bit. I enjoy the later evenings of DST, but a few years ago, the Dems decided to gift upon us mortals even more DST, so it is now the dominant portion of the calendar. Living in a state which does not observe DST, this causes so,e real problems. I work with people in time zones that are far ahead of my locale.

    Try arranging a meeting between people in Australia, Great Britain, Asia and the western US. It’s no picnic, but gets even worse during DST. Closer to home, dealing with vendors on the east coast of the US becomes somewhat problematic when they are closing for the day about the time you are finishing lunch. It’s really a headache and then, in the Fall, it changes for a few months. even if I keep track of it accurately, there are still vendors that can’t deal with it. There’s nothing like being woken from a sound sleep by an equipment vendor that can’t understand why you aren’t prepared to talk business when it’s 9 AM in his microcosm.

  4. There were times when I wish I had said “I don’t know.” But I rarely have trouble saying “We don’t know.” For Democrats sharing one brain among them it’s useful for sharing responsibility for stupid mistakes.. Jeffrey did it. The problem is that they’re incapable of dealing with a full deck. Jeffrey’s fault. And if I wrote a story with a truly asinine villain in it, you’re right – it would be non-fiction these days no matter what.  Jeffrey says.  

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