It’s Panic Time!

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You may have noticed I haven’t been writing about the coronavirus, which everyone else is writing about so who needs me? Besides which, I can’t make up my mind whom to believe.

Now, we generally buy a bottle of alcohol when we go grocery shopping, and it lasts us a week or so. But when we went to buy one this morning, the supermarket shelves were bare. The sign said “Limit of Five,” but all the alcohol was gone.

Who needs five bottles of isopropyl alcohol? Are all these people setting up their own clinics?

Meanwhile Democrats–they just can’t help themselves–are licking their lips and rubbing their hands together. “Yessss, oh yesssss! If a lot of people get sssick, we can blame it on Trump and win the election, my preciousssss!” They’re happy the stock market’s down today, too.

But what do people expect to happen? They’re carrying on like it’s The End O’ The World. Somehow bloody everything winds up as The End O’ The World. Like it’s the default position.

And we always wind up hearing that only a global government with absolute power over every aspect of our lives… can save us. Hot dog.

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    1. False nooze that toilet paper and tissues will run out because there’s not enough paper to make masks caused the “Paper Panic” here. Much trouble fake nooze makes.

  1. What’s really horrible is that many churches are canceling services and closing their doors as a form of quarantine — just when people should be praying most. This is literally a scare tactic from hell. And I mean “literally” quite literally.

  2. Elon Musk says the world’s response to the corvid-19 virus is dumb. I couldn’t agree more. No one under 30 has died from it. Ever wonder why they keep us in the dark about what having the coronavirus is really like? It’s the flu, sunshine! People get the flu, are sick for a few days, and then recover. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face – real hard to do (as I ooze with sarcasm). When flu season is over the MSM will invent something else to blame Trump on.

    1. Meanwhile, Democrats just can’t help themselves: publicly rooting for a lot of people to get seriously ill. They have to do it; it’s who they are.

    2. I agree that the media, Hollywood, Socialists (Democrats), and globalists, will look for other means to defame POTUS as November approaches.

      It is also apparent from the tone of various news reports that a lot of opinion is being given as fact.

      What we do know is that there are not enough tests being given to confirm actual cases, and that when, as with cruise ships, one case is found positive the other passengers are assumed to be exposed. Thereby, those passengers are being watched in isolation to prevent transmission.

      But that doesn’t explain why this particular strain of flu is more serious than the “normal” annual flu.

      Allow me to elaborate on this particular pandemic. First, you stated that “No one under 30. . .” While that may be true, it doesn’t mean people under 30 haven’t contracted it. They can be asymptomatic and still be contagious. One real danger is for these Millennialists to pass this Swine/SARS/MERS corona-style virus to those whose immune systems are compromised, or to older Americans who are at greater risk for flu.

      Second, unlike the “normal” flu, this particular strain of virus is incredibly more deadly. It is not as deadly as, say SARS. It is not as deadly as the “Spanish” flu of 1918, either. However, this makes it all the more dangerous. The danger is that when a disease is extremely deadly, it makes a person very ill very fast, preventing or limiting its transmission in the process.

      Third, what is known now is that it can take up to three weeks for any symptoms to be apparent. Hence, people displaying a flippant go-about-their-own-business attitude, unconcerned about their behavior and its affect–even effect–upon others around them is exactly the kind of attitude I have come to expect from the socialists/communists, politically correct disingenuous people with big mouths and small brains that roam about our country seeing whom they may devour.

      I hope you are not exposed to this or any disease; and if you are, I pray you’ll consider others and their susceptibility to diseases and STAY HOME.

    3. You’re correct that the Covid-19 virus is somewhat atypical from the seasonal flu. The mortality rate (2-3%) is a little higher than the average flu. I believe in part this is because it’s a new strain for which we don’t currently have a vaccine for yet. And as with all new strains they will behave differently from one another.

      However, I don’t think the mortality rate is necessarily extraordinary. SARS, which you mentioned, had a mortality rate of 10%. The 2003 SARS global outbreak also originated in China and lasted for 6 months. And there have been other outbreaks that have come and gone during that time: bird flu, swine flu, Ebola, Zika, chikungunya, etc. What is extraordinary to me about this virus is people’s reaction to it, I’ve never seen anything like it before. The good news is the survival rate is 98%. Practicing good hygiene and using common sense will go a long way.

    4. According to what I’ve see so far, this is potentially serious, but not even in the same league as SARS. Diseases like Ebola are terrifying, but this is many leagues away from Ebola. Restricting travel makes sense, and ordinary precautions, such as being very careful with regard to hygiene is important. But no matter what, this will not be fully contained without draconian measures, and I’m not certain such are needed.

  3. I feel sorry for those “victims” who are being diagnosed with, and punished for, coronavirus when all they have is the flu. Tis the season.

    1. The question of how much virus is in the patient’s body actively replicating is not being answered by the type of testing that is being done and in order to start talking about illness and disease, millions and millions of virus must be at work replicating inside the patient. Also, people with ordinary flu symptoms are being counted as “presumptive” cases, meaning they assume these people have COVID-19 to increase the fear, even when they don’t. And the cover-up of many other things can mean only one thing – the official narrative is false.

    2. We can’t trust our free and independent press to keep their commie fat-head bias out of whatever they’re reporting. “Narrative” has replaced truth.

  4. I’ve just received emails from the university where I used to teach, saying that all in-person classes have been canceled until March 30, and professors must figure out how to teach their courses — which have NOT been canceled — by means of online or other “alternative” sources. And al of this must be done at a moment’s notice, mind you. I wouldn’t be able to teach that way myself. Even though I did mostly lectures, I had no “lecture notes” or “lecture outlines,” but just immersed myself in the material and started talking, adjusting the progress of my lecture according to student feedback, my suddenly getting a new idea, and so on. For professors who do discussion classes, chat boards would be no substitute. And of course there’s no way to see who’s there, who’s paying attention, or any other way of tracking student engagement. If I were the students’ parents, I’d sue for a refund on the students’ tuition, as well as damages for the time lost in the students’ educational progress.

    Yes, the disease is serious, but all of this kind of reaction is sheer panic-mongering. Two years ago, our city was hit by three different strains of flu, at least two of them extremely virulent and all of them highly contagious. (I had two of the strains myself, almost back to back.) No one canceled everything because of these epidemics. People were just told to take precautions, and medical facilities were ramped up to handle the cases.

    I’m getting scared, all right — but not about the disease. Something else is going on behind this promulgation of panic.

    1. Now, how does this virus hysteria march with open borders ideology?
      It’s getting so you just can’t trust the nooze media, the “education” establishment, or government officials to tell the truth anymore. Ever.

  5. One problem is that no one really knows how many people are infected. I suspect that there are many people infected and that stopping the spread of this particular virus is impossible. This happens all the time with various Influenza strains, rhinoviruses, etc. Without knowing how many people have been exposed, how many are infected and how many are showing symptoms, the lethality of the virus cannot be determined. It’s all supposition at this point.

    I feel nothing but empathy for the people that have gotten ill or lost a loved one to this, but I suspect that the media response is greatly exaggerated. People die of Influenza and Pneumonia daily, but in most cases there are extenuating circumstances which allow these diseases to have such grave effects. If someone is weakened by a serious disease, such as cancer, their immediate cause of death could be pneumonia, but the cancer is the ultimate culprit and the pneumonia is merely an opportunistic infection.

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