‘Collidge Big Shots Shred Constitution (Literally)’ (2015)

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If America ever does go extinct, much of the blame will have to go to what we laughingly call our “educators.”

Collidge Big Shots Shred Constitution (Literally)

Here they are demonstrating their contempt for our Constitution, which by law ensures their liberties. It’s a pity, how they use those liberties.

Which would you rather have to live without–the Constitution, or college professors?

6 comments on “‘Collidge Big Shots Shred Constitution (Literally)’ (2015)

  1. If I lived without college professors, I’d have to live without myself! 🙂 🙂 But of course I could live without those of any profession who’d shred our Constitution. In fact, in countries without the guarantees of our Constitution, anyone insulted their governing entities the way these people do would wind up in a gulag or a torture chamber, or just be summarily executed.

    1. That should have been “anyone WHO insulted their governing entitites.” (Dratted fumble-fingers!)

    2. But of course they think they’ll be the ones shipping people off to the executioner. Fools. They always forget Stalin shot the old Bolsheviks.

  2. Wow, doing it while in their underwear – now that is brave. Maybe the Covid-19 shutting down the colleges so only online teaching takes place will wake people up to the fact we don’t need these college profs or the ornamental buildings.

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