Collidge Big Shots Shred Constitution (Literally)

Project Veritas has captured on videotape officials at five fancy-schmancy universities agreeing to tear up copies of the U.S. Constitution with their bare hands or even put it through a paper shredder ( ).

The five citadels of higher learning are Cornell, Oberlin, Yale, Syracuse, and Vassar.

College officials agreed that the Constitution was “triggering” and “oppressive.”

Uh, what’s that supposed to mean?

“Triggering” means it contains language that some leftist dork might possibly, maybe, conceivably find offensive–that is, any language at all. For instance, “Excuse me, what time is it?” might be found offensive by a member of any one of several Cherished Minorities. Might be “oppressive,” too.

It’d be fun to call these self-anointed sages out and demand they tell us what they’d like to replace the Constitution with. Those answers might be worth hearing.

Meanwhile, folks–hey, it’s your tuition dollars that pay these creeps.

3 comments on “Collidge Big Shots Shred Constitution (Literally)

  1. Apparently these people are so smart that they have never taken the time to note that the constitution protects their rights to dissent. There is some very strange thinking afoot.

  2. These communists (who would replace the Constitution with the Communist Manifest) need to go to England and see where their thinking leads. There you are not allowed to say anything negative about Muslims (even if they are raping underage girls). Funny how the Left uses our Constitutional freedoms to take them away.

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