Preview: ‘The Wind from Heaven’

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I don’t know when The Wind from Heaven will be published, but I’d like to share with you, in advance, a paragraph.

Obst is the speaker. For those who haven’t read any of the books, Obst is the former hermit who has become the teacher to King Ryons’ army–men who were born Heathen, but have come to God.

Here, in a moment of crisis, is his thought.

“The wind from Heaven,” he thought, “is blowing hard today!” Scattering all sorts of people in all directions, it looked like chaos and confusion. “But it is all the work of God, who is the only one who sees the pattern in it.” For the Scriptures had taught him that God never loses His grip on the reins of history, and guides it where He will. ****

Something for us to bear in mind, as we confront the crises of our own time.

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  1. Yes, so true Master Obst. I believe God is using this pandemic to recalibrate the world in a way that furthers the spreading of the kingdom of God on the earth. Because our Spring Break road trip to AZ has been canceled do to fear of the covid-19 (not by me, let me add), I was able to finish “The Silver Trumpet” today. I am wondering if Lord Chutt is going to put on the Thunder King’s mask in the next installment? – but don’t tell me.

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