‘The Giant Dormouse'(2017)

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Islands make for funny ecosystems. Big animals wind up a lot smaller, and small animals a lot bigger.

The Giant Dormouse

I’ll have to go back and check this, but if memory serves, the Bible speaks of ivory that comes from Cyprus–which (ahem) Reputable Bible Scholars Inc. pooh-poohed until later on in the 20th century, when the abundant remains of pygmy elephants were discovered there.

Alas, the giant dormouse is no more; but that doesn’t take into account God’s promise to restore His whole Creation.

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  1. Some hypothesize that after the Flood, there were numerous floating log mats on the seas and that animals migrated using these, probably unintentionally. If so, that explains nicely the Pygmy Elephants found on islands. Larger elephants would never be able to utilize such means of transport and therefore would not ever make it to many islands.

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