My Newswithviews Column, April 2 (‘Red China: How Much Longer?’)

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Oh, those playful communists! Note the knife to the throat.

The Soviet Union cumbered the earth for 70 years, then suddenly fell to pieces. No one misses it but The New York Times.

Could the same thing be about to happen to the communist regime in China?

Red China: How Much Longer?

Granted, this is a fallen world inhabited by sinners. There are going to be problems with anything we do. But communism is way below even this world’s standards, and people only put up with it because they’re afraid their commie government will kill them if they don’t. I wonder if that’s what Western liberals like about it.


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  1. People tend to not think of China all that often. It’s a faraway place with a different language and a different culture. As long as they keep manufacturing the goods we want, that’s as deep as many folks are willing to dig. But it’s not a benign form of government. Much like the Soviets, they try to paint a picture of life there which makes things look much better than they truly are.

    This virus, and their way of dealing with it, may serve to weaken them and hasten their collapse. We may end up paying a bit more for our goods, but I’m willing to give up access to $30 Blu-Ray players without deep regret.

    1. It’s an evil regime, a shameful and wicked form of government, and the sooner it collapses, the better. Communism is a disgrace even to sinners.

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