Oh, No! ‘Journalists’ Labeled ‘Non-Essential’!

Tucker Carlson: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an Awful, Idiotic ...

Hundreds of, er, “journalists” have been labeled non-essential and either laid off or forced to take a pay cut, laments CNN (https://nationalfile.com/hundreds-of-journalists-are-being-labelled-non-essential-laid-off-or-given-reduced-salaries/). [Wailing and gnashing of teeth]

And this, CNN adds, “right when the public needs them most!”

Break out the violins.

Yeah–what would we ever do without our daily ration of Trump-bashing, scare stories, and celebrity worship?

Today’s alleged journalists, we might well say, are the quintessence of the non-essential. They are almost–almost!–as useless as career politicians. And who’s more obnoxious–our free and independent press that acts as a traveling brothel for the Democrat army, or–well, I can’t finish that sentence. I can’t think of anyone more obnoxious than our free and independent press.

If they actually provided us with accurate and reliable information, that’d be wonderful. But they don’t do that anymore. There are still a handful of good reporters out there, but those are fast becoming an endangered species.

They refuse to do their duty, and that makes them worse than non-essential. In attempting to address any problem in America, the left-wing boot-licking press is always an obstacle to have to overcome.

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6 responses to “Oh, No! ‘Journalists’ Labeled ‘Non-Essential’!

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Great post!! What an understatement to call the MSM non-essential. They are totally non-essential to making America Great, and totally essential to the Democrats to carry their Leftist polluted water.

  • Laura

    That’s great! I bet it galls them that lowly grocery workers and fast food workers are more essential than they are 🤣

  • unknowable2

    The press has known unprecedented protection in the US. Amazingly, they have used this freedom to become exactly what that freedom was designed to prevent. They are now the mouthpiece of the Far Left and seek to impose those opinions on everyone within their influence. Here’s the key: we don’t need them. Ignore them and they wither away.

    You TV has an Off switch. Vote with your remote!

  • marlene

    I doubt if anyone will miss them. But I’m surprised CNN is willing to let their professional liars go. I guess they’re relying on the democrats to carry the torch. The only journalists worthy of that title are investigative reporters who deserve a better name than bloggers.

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