Today’s Visit to the Supermarket

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If you’ve been following this blog, you know I have a bad knee and it’s giving me fits. But things have to get done anyhow, bad knee or not. That includes grocery shopping.

I knew I’d have to lean on the shopping cart the whole time, and use it (as Re-Farmer suggested) like a walker. After some 30 minutes of it, my arms were sore and tired. But I don’t think my knee sustained any further damage.

Coming home and listening to the car radio, we heard a lot of kerfuffle about “the White House’s numbers” on projected deaths from the coronavirus. At no time did any of the nooze sources identify who in the White House was giving us these numbers. We kept asking “Who?” but never got an answer. It was as if the building itself were pontificating about the disease.

We got back just in time to see, in our local weakly noozepaper, that–hurrah!–our town’s library has hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour. Well, we wouldn’t want a trivial thing like a pandemic to interfere with that!

This, I think, is the worst thing that has ever happened to our country’s culture so far. That any parents should bring their children to one of these abominations is inexplicable.

O Lord our God! For Jesus’ sake, please remember that these things are done against our will, without our consent, and over our objections. Amen.

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27 responses to “Today’s Visit to the Supermarket

  • Phoebe

    Our libraries have all been closed down. The only good thing about that is that there won’t be any Drag Queen grooming gangs — I mean story hours — for a while. At least not in libraries.

  • Watchman

    “Coming home and listening to the car radio, we heard a lot of kerfuffle about “the White House’s numbers” on projected deaths from the coronavirus.”

    They got those numbers from computer models which, so far, have been way off base. So they keep having to revise them. The treat these computer models like modern-day oracles.

    • leeduigon

      It drives me nuts. Instead of observing nature and trying to understand, they study these stupid computer models that they themselves made up. The models’ connection to reality is tenuous at best.

      • marlene

        I think they’re telling us that people actually die from “projected” death but that without their projections, even more people would die. Gee, I’m so glad someone’s following the spread of the WuFlu like a dog in heat.

        • leeduigon

          I thought we already knew that computer models are ca-ca.

          • marlene

            Not all of us and, apparently, that knowledge hasn’t been “advised” to the President yet. President Trump’s instincts are great. If only his advisers would tell him the truth.

          • leeduigon

            Can you imagine Crooked Hillary running the country now? What a bonanza for the Clinton Foundation! What a catastrophe for the country.

          • marlene

            You’re scaring me. The global elite love to double down and since they will be the ones choosing the president in 2024 because every candidate, bar none, will be one of theirs, I fear they might just slap us in the face with hillary to let us know who’s boss – from now on. Now, even though I’ve said all this, I sometimes think about another member of the Trump family running in 2024, but I don’t really know what that means yet.

          • leeduigon

            So far Mike Pence suits me. Think of it as a third term for Trump.

            And it remains to be seen whether the Democrat Party survives this year’s election. I mean, it probably will–but we can always hope and pray it won’t.

          • marlene

            I’m praying against the pain in your ankle. Seems God must be real busy these days with the prayers of first timers scared out of their disbelief. Pence? I don’t trust him. Too many CFR connections. I thought he might try for Secretary of State.

          • leeduigon

            Didn’t we have a lot of misgivings about Trump at first? I sure did. But not anymore.

          • marlene

            Except for not being 100% sure he’d be able to maneuver around the swamp, which he proved he could, I had no misgivings whatsoever and would have voted for him out of all the RINOS running against him even if hillary wasn’t in the picture.

          • leeduigon

            True–even without Hillary, he was a better bet than any of those RINOs. Coming off the speakerships of John Boehner and the weasel Paul Ryan, it’s surprising the GOP survived at all.

            Lesson we have learned, I hope: career politicians don’t know **** and should all be kicked out.

          • marlene

            Ah, das boot.

    • marlene

      They program the computers to spew out what they want. Then they general models from that input and use those “computers models” prove a truth that isn’t. Just like they did with the tests that didn’t work. They got a lot of traction with its false positives and used it to keep the fear-mongering hype on track.

  • Re-Farmer

    I honestly don’t get Drag Queen story hour, on so many levels. Top of the list is, who thought this was a good idea in the first place? I don’t mean the usual ideologues pushing their agenda. I mean the administrative personnel that had to approve this, first. Then there are the parents who are okay with this. This isn’t like playing dress up, or someone coming in dressed as a character in a book or something. This is a highly sexualized, adult entertainment performer. It’s creepy in so many ways – and that’s *before* finding out how many of these “drag queens” have turned out to be sexual predators with criminal records. Then there are the parents and general population who not only defend, but push these performances, against all common sense. Parents are even being denied the right to pull their own children out of these activities.

    As for the shopping cart as a walker, one of the benefits of being short is, I can lean on the cart with my elbows, and still steer, if I have to. Much less stress on the arms and lower back! That rack under the cart for larger items is also fantastic to prop a foot on while waiting in line to relieve lower back pain, too.

    It’s amazing what you appreciate when your body has a tendency to give out on you! LOL

    • leeduigon

      This abomination arose in my own lifetime, but I don’t know how.

      • marlene

        ‘God sometimes imposes a Sabbath on us. He wants it to be a time for restoration in Him. On Passover, the Jews were to stay inside and not work. On that first Passover, they huddled together in their houses as terrible forces wreaked havoc in the land of Egypt. It sounds an awful lot like holy week of 2020’

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    The pandemic hysteria has finally reached Walmart in my state. We now have to enter by one door and walk down aisles according to arrows. When a quota of people are inside, you have to wait until someone leaves before your turn to enter. There are signs at all Walmart stores “We are hiring.” If Walmart can do this, why can’t all businesses and factories? When will the world realize covid-19 is a flu? – let us get on with our lives, and enjoy the freedoms they are taking away from us.

    • Watchman

      They keep upping the ante. It’s getting ridiculous. Next we’ll all have to wear giant bubbles.

    • marlene

      Maybe when we’re mandate-jabbed by a geneticRNA containing vaccine and we all get a real virus. Part Deux – closer to November.

  • Laura

    Wow, I’m surprised y’all aren’t in lockdown yet. Florida just locked down until the 30th. I guess it’s worth it just for the fact that libraries are closed, so no disgusting programs for kids.
    I hope your knee heals soon; that is a real pain (literally).

    • leeduigon

      I don’t know how we’re supposed to eat if we can’t buy groceries.

      • marlene

        Here’s a comment I found funny (or not):

        Kathy Bell Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz • 8 hours ago

        Tovarich! Is wonderful! I look around. I see people lining up for food. I see empty store shelves. I see children being taught that they must not pray to any god but State. I see sad people sitting alone and drinking much vodka. And now, is-how you say?- “Icing on cake”. State orders neighbor to inform on neighbor! Is like glory days of former Soviet Union!

        Must go now. Vodka will not drink itself. Dosvidanya!

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